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Chapter 28: A Thirst, a Prayer without Words

Just laugh! There is so much to laugh at in the world that the people who become serious are really doing something very great. With great effort and with great tension they are creating seriousness; otherwise nothing is serious. If meditation is deepening slowly, what is the hurry? Enjoy it, relish it as long as you have got it. And the more you relish it, the more you rejoice in it, the more you will become capable of receiving.

This has to be remembered: don’t misunderstand me, because I have to use the words which are being used by everybody. But I try to give them a different color. That’s why I call it “divine discontentment.” You should have emphasized what is the meaning of divine. But you forgot the word divine, you simply emphasized your old habit of discontentment.

So when you are interpreting anything said by me, be careful - where is the emphasis? Why should I add divine, why not just say discontentment? I want to change the quality of discontentment, I want to give it a new dimension. You forgot that; that’s why you are feeling tension that things are not going as well as they should. Things are always going as well as they should.

The whole existence is at ease except your little minds, which go on creating problems for you. Just put these little minds aside: “It is not your world, it is not your territory. Meditation has nothing to do with you. You just go out and play, and whenever I need you, I will call you in.”

But you have to be aware that you are not the mind. And if the mind is feeling tense and frustrated, it is simply destroying the possibility of meditation - because mind is afraid of meditation. Meditation is going to be the death of the mind. The day your meditation starts functioning fully, mind will not be needed at all. So before it happens, mind tries in every possible way to create disturbances. It is just a question of its survival.

But if you want to be yourself and not a slave of a mind which was created by others.just like the friend who advised you, and you never asked him; you simply swallowed the advice without any question. Mind is created by everybody around you from the very beginning of your childhood. By the time you come out of the university, almost one third of your life has gone into conditioning you. And society uses such subtle means of conditioning that it is becoming more and more difficult to get people out of the conditioning.

Solzhenitsyn, one of the dissident Nobel Prize winners from the Soviet Union, who is now in America, has just said that what is being done in America is not different from what is being done in the Soviet Union. The only difference is that America is using more sophisticated means and Russia is using more primitive means: torturing people, harassing people, keeping them always in fear. These are their ways of conditioning minds, so the people cannot think anything other than what the government wants them to think.

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