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Chapter 16: Surrender Is the Thing

A transformation is a discontinuity with the past, it is not a patchwork; you completely dissolve, and something new happens. That’s what Jesus says: a new birth, a resurrection. The old is gone and the new has come in. And the new is not out of the old, it is totally new, that’s why it is a birth; it is not just the old, continuous, modified, no. The old is no more, and something has happened which was never there before. There is a gap: the old drops and the new comes, and there is no causal link. This is very difficult to understand, because the scientific training of the mind has given us an obsession with causality.

We think everything is caused, so even a Buddha is caused, a Jesus is caused, he is out of the past. No! If you think Buddha is out of the past you have missed the whole thing. The past is no more, Buddha is absolutely new. This man never existed before; Gautam Siddhartha was there, but this man Buddha was never there. The old has gone into nothingness, and the new has come out of nothingness. The new is not born out of the old, the new has come in the place of the old because the old is no more, and the old place is vacant, empty. The new has come from the unknown. The old has disappeared from the known and the new, finding a place, an emptiness in the heart, has entered.

It is just like when your room is dark: it is closed, all the windows and doors are closed, it is as dark as if it were night. And then you open the window or the door. The darkness has disappeared, now it is light, the sun has entered. What will you say? Will you say that the sun, this light, is caused by the darkness that was there? The darkness has changed into light? No, the darkness has simply disappeared from the room and light has entered. This light is not in any way related to the darkness, it is not caused by the darkness, it is totally new. It was waiting outside the gate; the doors opened and it entered. Just an opening was needed.

Whenever you meditate you are creating an opening; when you are prayerful you are creating an opening. The old, the darkness, will disappear and the light will be there. And this light is no longer related to the past, just like darkness is not related to the light. They are discontinuous, they are different dimensions, they are different existences. Try to understand it, because this is the miracle that religion has always been insisting on. Science cannot understand it because science thinks in terms of modification, change, continuity. Religion thinks in terms of discontinuity, transformation, mutation.

You are not going to become a Jesus or a Buddha: you are the barrier. You have to be burned completely; you have to be finished completely. When Jesus descends into you, you will not be there. You will feel as if your past was just a dream that you dreamed, it was never you; the identity is broken.

Hence, Jesus is like a fire. If you come near a Jesus be ready to die, because Jesus cannot mean anything other than death to you. And rebirth is possible only if you die. If you are afraid to die, escape from a man like Jesus. Don’t go near him, he is dangerous, he is like an abyss: you will feel dizzy and fall into him.

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