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Chapter 23: Being: The Most Beautiful Flower in Existence

Poor people did the same, in a poor way. Soon this man discovered.and it was not a smaller discovery than that of Archimedes when he jumped, naked out of his bathroom, shouting in the streets of Athens, “Eureka! I have found it!” He was solving a problem; the king had given him a problem and he solved it when he was resting in his bathtub. The joy of finding a new truth was so much, he forgot completely. He reached the court naked.

The prime minister was very angry, but the king understood. He said, “Don’t be angry. I can see that the discovery means so much to him, he has forgotten everything - even right now he’s not aware that he’s standing naked.”

Only then Archimedes saw. He said, “My God! I was in my bathroom!”

This monk’s discovery was even greater. He also shouted, “Eureka! Eureka!” although nobody heard it. Because he discovered that all these corpses were very rich. They all had something - even the poorest had some money, some new clothes, some foodstuff - and he started collecting. He was hoping that, “One day I will get out, and then with all this money and gold and diamonds, I will be the richest monk in the whole country.”

He lived in that graveyard for fifteen years. His only prayer was, “God have mercy on me. I cannot say exactly what I want but you know: one monk needs to die. Unless somebody dies, the graveyard will not be opened - and I cannot say it. Being a Christian, how can I ask you to kill some monk? No. But you know everything, you know my heart, there is no need to say it. You know what is right for me. Do it, and do it quickly, because I am growing very old.”

One day a monk died and the graveyard’s stone was removed. This old man - now he was old, his beard was touching the floor - shouted: “I am alive! Take me out!” They could not believe it, because for fifteen years, nobody had died and they had completely forgotten about him. Fifteen years is a long time, particularly in a monastery. It looks like eternity, boring.boredom makes time elastic. You can go on and on stretching it; it seems unending.

They pulled him out but they were surprised: he was bringing with him almost a great treasure. He had even collected clothes from the dead people; he had taken them off, because dead people are given fresh new robes, so they were perfectly good. He had pulled them out. He had nothing else to do.the whole day exploring, and it was a long, long tunnel. In thousands of years, so many people had died.and he found such antique things.

Nobody could recognize him. He said, “You can’t recognize me?”

They said, “You look like a prophet from the Old Testament. Please tell us more about you - how did you manage to enter our monastery’s graveyard?”

He said, “I was here, I know you all. Fifteen years ago, I died.and I shouted, but you did not hear. Then finally I had to adjust life according to the situation. And I cannot say that I have not been happy. In fact, I have never been happier than I have been for these fifteen years - no anxiety, no fight, nobody to insult you, nobody to humiliate you. And every day, new discoveries..”

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