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Chapter 22: Meditation, Awareness, Alertness

I once went to see a woman who for nine months was in a coma, but breathing perfectly, even in a nine-month-long coma; not for a single moment in nine months had she been awake. And the doctors were saying she could remain in that state for at least three years before she died, and she would not wake. But she is alive. She is breathing so peacefully; perhaps she had never breathed that peacefully ever, before this coma happened!

So many disturbances are there, but for her now there is no disturbance. She can’t hear, she can’t see, she can’t think - but breathing continues. Breathing is so natural that ego cannot proclaim itself the doer; hence it is none of its interest.

Do you see the problem? The most important, the most essential, is not even interesting to the ego; it is not at all concerned about breathing. The people who became concerned about breathing were the people who became aware of a certain truth - that if you go on doing difficult things, ego is never going to leave you, because each difficult step taken becomes a strengthening to the ego, and the stronger the ego is, the farther away you are from yourself.

Your ego is the distance between you, the real, and you, the unreal. The bigger the ego, the bigger the distance; the lesser the distance, the lesser the ego. If there is no distance at all, ego disappears, and in that disappearance appears the one that you are.

As far as I am concerned this is the most significant discovery in the whole history of discoveries.

I don’t consider the discovery of atomic energy, nuclear weapons, or anything else, more important than the discovery that if you can become aware of even a simple, natural process like breathing, ego disappears.

You need not drop the ego.

If you try to drop it, you cannot drop it:

Who is going to drop it?

That which is dropped is not your ego. The dropper will say within you, “Look, I have dropped the ego now I am a humble man, egoless, spiritual, holy.” The dropped is nothing; the dropper is the problem.

So you cannot do, in fact, anything to come to the point of non-doing.

It is so simple. The question is relevant but the answer is very simple. Looking at the question you will think it is going to be difficult; it is not so. If you try to do something to achieve non-doing then you are getting into a mess.

It is just like a dog trying to catch its tail; and once in a while every dog tries that yoga exercise. It is beautiful to watch a dog doing yoga - the yoga of catching its own tail. You can see the embarrassment, the failure: gathering his energy again, taking a better jump, finding solutions to approach it - because the moment he jumps, for some unknown reason the tail jumps also! The faster he tries, the faster the tail moves.

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