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Chapter 30: Avoid the Priests

Evil, what is evil? There is only one evil: to deny life.

If you can keep calm while all those around you are freaking out, then you don’t understand the problem.

Inscription on the tombstone of Peter the Pessimist: I knew this would happen one day.

A KGB agent comes across a Jew reading a Hebrew grammar book on a bench in Gorky Park. “Hey, Jew,” he says, “Why are you bothering to read that? You know we will never let you go to Israel.”

“Well,” says the Jew, “I’m reading it in case they speak Hebrew in heaven.”

“And what if you go to hell?”

“Ah,” sighs the Jew, “Russian I already know.”

So if you really want to get out of confusion, Devageet, read Russian. That’s where you are bound to go!

A woman was filling out an application form at the bank when she came to the space for age. She hesitated a long time. Finally, the clerk leaned over and said, “The longer you wait, the worse it gets.”

You are the only hope. Please give me a push.

Almost everybody needs a push, because almost everybody is just on the border.

Enlightenment is not far away; you are not to go miles in search of it. All that you need is to open your eyes and just see clearly where you are, because in that very place and in that very moment you are already enlightened.

Enlightenment is not something that you can make a goal of, it is your reality. It is really foolish to search for it, because the one who is searching for it, is himself the enlightenment. It is not an achievement, it is a discovery or to be more correct, it is a rediscovery. You knew it at a time when society had not corrupted your mind, when you were still so small that you were incorruptible, so innocent that the society was not capable of teaching you anything to condition your mind. It is the layer upon layer of conditionings that is hiding your light.

You don’t have to go anywhere.

You just have to put aside all the conditionings; but it is very difficult. It is difficult because you think those conditionings are tremendously important.

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