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Chapter 11: The Law of Grace

And the two agreed to say nothing of this to any man.

The enemy is not outside. If it had been outside, it would not have been difficult to get rid of it. You could have escaped. But you cannot escape from the enemy because it is within. And the beloved, the friend, is also not outside. Otherwise you could have searched and once one man had found it, there would have been no difficulty for others to follow.just as it happens in science: the truth is outside.

The scientific truth is outside. One man discovers, and the discovery becomes part of human knowledge. Then each and everybody knows about it. Einstein may have worked for twelve years to come to the truth of the theory of relativity, but since he has known it, it has become a common inheritance. Even a schoolchild can learn it. Whosoever is ready now, need not waste time. Within minutes and hours it can be learned. It is always there.

The truth of science is outside, but the truth of religion is within. Jesus may have discovered it, but his discovery will remain personal. It cannot be transferred to anybody else. Buddha may have discovered it, but the discovery will disappear when Buddha disappears. And each and every seeker will have to find the truth again and again, individually.

The religious truth is personal. The religious truth cannot be borrowed; it has to be searched for and every seeker has to work it out on his own. You cannot stand on anybody else’s shoulders, and you cannot inherit it. It has to be earned.

Both are within: the animal and the divine. That creates the problem. Sometimes you get identified with the divine in you. Then everything flows beautifully. Then you feel a warmth all around you, all over you. Then you feel a calm, a deep tranquility. Then you feel ecstatic. Everything seems to be a blessing. and everything fits together with the whole, everything falls in line. A deep contentment surrounds you, descends. You are at home.

Whenever you get identified with the divine, you feel happy. Whenever you get identified with the wicked one, you become unhappy, you become miserable. All your misery and all your happiness is just an identification: either with the divine part or with the devil part. Both are within you and the religious man has to go beyond both. It is not only that he has to dis-identify himself from the devil. That has to be done, but he should also dis-identify even with the good, because the identification, in itself, is the trouble.

With the wicked one, you will be miserable. That is the myth of hell: one who has gone so much into the identification with the dark, and the devil, that his whole life has become a hell - just a long misery, with no end in view.

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