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Chapter 9: Skies beyond Skies

These three words contain almost three universes. Each is a sky unto itself. There is no limit to your consciousness. You can go in the inner world just as far away as stars are going in the outer world. Neither does bliss have any limits, nor does truth have any limits. And when three things don’t have any limits, they cannot be three. Three unlimited things are bound to become one. So the experience is of one organic whole, not in sequence. But in language the difficulty is that we have to write words in sequence.

Languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean - Far Eastern languages - are far better than alphabetical languages, because alphabetical languages have to put everything in a sequence, in a sentence. One thing will be followed by another and then by another, one word by another word, one line by another line, one paragraph by another paragraph, everything in sequence.

The non-alphabetical languages have disappeared from the world, except from the Far East. In the beginning, all languages in the world were non-alphabetical, they were pictorial. For example, if you see an elephant, you see the whole elephant as one unity. But if you have to describe the elephant, you cannot describe it as one unit. You will have to tell about its legs like pillars, you will have to tell about its ears like big fans and so on and so forth. It is a big animal. And in reading your sentence about the elephant, one who has never seen an elephant is bound to think that there is a sequence.

In Chinese, the situation is different. The elephant is not described the way we write about it. There is only a symbol of the elephant.

I remember one symbol I cannot forget: a symbol of a roof of a house, just a plain roof - anybody can understand the roof - and two women sitting under the roof. One of my friends was learning Chinese. I asked him, “What is it?” He said, “This symbol means fight, war. Two women under one roof? There is going to be a third world war without any doubt.”

Whoever made the symbol must have been a great psychologist. Knowingly or unknowingly, he has expressed so much in such a small symbol. If you have to write about it in an alphabetical language, you will have to use a few sentences to say the whole thing.

The mystic has always been in tremendous difficulty: how to say the unsayable? But he has tried, and he has tried his best in the East, because the East has known the mystic for almost ten thousand years. Ten thousand years is the minimum time that I am talking about.

And the whole genius of the East has been concentrated on only one point and that is the discovery of oneself. And that discovery has always culminated - whether the mystic was in China, or in India, or in Arabia, or in Japan, it makes no difference - the mystery has brought them to the same point of sachchidanand. They have all found tremendous bliss. Their lives have become absolutely authentic and truthful, and their beings have become absolutely conscious. There are no unconscious parts anymore lingering in them.

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