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Chapter 4: The Inner Innocence

And the old professor said, “Now I have succeeded as the greatest surgeon in the country, but there is no fulfillment. The tears are because my whole life was wasted unnecessarily. Even if I had been a street dancer, just dancing for any crowd that wanted to see my dance, I would have felt more fulfilled. I would not have felt this discontent. Now there is no way to go back, it is too late.”

Always remember, time is running fast - every moment you are becoming older. What is possible today may not be possible tomorrow; hence don’t take unnecessary risks.

The discovery of the original man is absolutely essential, because hidden in the original man is your destiny, what nature wanted you to be. Unless you become that you will remain frustrated, you will remain angry. You will not be able to love, you will not be able to dance, you will not be able to relax. Your whole life will become just a sickness until death.

The discovery of the original man is the discovery of the eternal element in you. And once you have discovered it and allowed it spontaneously to go anywhere it wants to go - without bothering about your parents, your well-wishers, your teachers, your preachers - you may find that your original being in its ultimate fulfillment, flowering, is the buddha. The buddha is nobody else.

You are the seed buddhas. The buddha is the lotus, not the seed. This is not much of a difference, but we make it such a long journey, unnecessarily.

Dokai said:

As soon as I get up on the seat to speak, I am already involved in the dusts.

As far as the inner innocence is concerned, the experience of your original source is concerned, Dokai is making really a great statement. And he has not uttered a single word, he has simply got up on the seat to speak. But just the intention to speak has already raised much dust - just the intention. The words are going to raise much more dust! Hence the emphasis of Zen that words are absolutely impotent in conveying the experience. You can have it as a transmission, as a synchronicity with the master or with the universe.

The master is simply a door to the universe. It is easier to get in harmony with the master - he is a living human being. Once you know the art of how to get in harmony, the master’s work is finished. You can get in harmony with the stars and the mountains and the rivers.and the whole universe becomes your home. Now you are as natural as a rose, as a lotus, as a bird flying in the sky.

Except man everything is original.

Only man has gone astray.

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