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Chapter 21: Truth Knows No Compromise

Pat Healy,

KNBC(TV, Los Angeles, CA, United States

How should I address you? What name do you prefer?

Whatever you like.

Choices make it so difficult for me. Alright.

Choices are always difficult.

Well, first off, let me ask you: during the three years of your silence, was there anything special occurring in the world that alarmed you?

Two things: one is that nuclear weapons are coming to a point where either we have to stop producing them, totally, or we have to be ready to evaporate from this planet. The second thing that has been of tremendous significance is the discovery of the disease AIDS.

Now it seems humanity is between two ditches - almost walking on a razor’s edge. Either nuclear weapons will destroy it, or the disease AIDS will destroy it. The destruction is becoming more and more probable than it was before.

It is easy to control the politicians, convince the politicians not to go forward, but how to convince the virus that creates AIDS, and how to convince the people to turn away from all the perversions that religions have forced upon their sexuality? AIDS is the culmination of homosexuality, lesbianism and all kinds of perversions.

But the source is the insistence of religions on celibacy, which is unnatural. If you force people to be celibate and you force men and women to live separately in monasteries and nunneries, homosexuality is bound to happen; you cannot prevent it, because man’s sexuality will have to have to find some way out.

And AIDS is the ultimate of that perversion. They don’t know whether there is any possibility to find a cure for it. Almost all the experts are agreed that a person who has confirmed AIDS is going to die within two years. But within two years he can spread the disease to thousands of people. By sexual contact, just by kissing somebody. And a few experts even suspect that it may be contracted by breathing. Then we are in a wildfire which can spread all over the earth without any limitation.

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