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Chapter 6: Receiving Your Soul

So you are creating the discrimination. You are afraid, that is why the discrimination is there. It is there because of your fear. Then you feel that no blessings are showering on you. Why do you feel that way? You feel that way because you look at the others and they are so blissful, so entranced - and you are not blissful, you are not entranced - so they must be receiving the blessing, and you are not. They must be receiving something special which is not being given to you.

What is available to them is exactly the same as is available to you. But they drink, while you have closed your throat. They are bending down and are filling their water carriers, but you are afraid to do so. The difference comes because of your fear, simply because of your fear.

You ask, “Does becoming a sannyasin immediately do away with the gap?”

All distance does not immediately vanish when you become a sannyasin, but the beginning of those distances disappearing is certainly triggered. All distances will be gradually eliminated. These distances have been formed during many, many lifetimes. They cannot be eliminated in one moment; it will take time. One will have to have patience, but the beginning of all these distances disappearing has started to take place.

One man sits, another stands, another walks. Right now, they are all in the same place. One man sits, another man stands, and the third one starts taking the first step forward. Right now, they are all in the same spot, on the same line, but there is already a great difference between them. The one sitting down has not even started to erase the distance. The one standing up is at least in the middle state - he might set off somewhere. The one sitting down must first stand up - only then he can walk. He can’t walk sitting down! The person standing up is closer to the one who walks than to the one who is still sitting down, because if he wants to walk, he can begin right away. And the man who has only lifted his foot has not yet reached any destination - he is still where the other two are, but he has already begun to shorten the distance. If a person has taken even one step, then he is closer by at least one step.

Sannyas is the first step; it is the first step in erasing the distances. And the first step is the most difficult. After that, the steps keep following after one another. The first step is the hardest; hence you should see the first step as half of the journey.

There is a famous saying of Mahavira’s: He who has begun walking has already arrived. This saying is not factually true. A person doesn’t necessarily reach the destination simply because he has begun; he may stop halfway and turn back. His feelings may change, his views may change. So the statement that he who has started walking has already arrived is not altogether true - but there is a deep meaning in it. There is some intrinsic truth hidden in it. Mahavira states this so emphatically because the one who has begun has completed half the journey already. Half the journey is over with the first step. The first step is the most difficult step.

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