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Chapter 4: The Art of Not Planning Life

The Russian youth is burning with a desire to know more about the mysteries of life, not only about materialism, which is already dead. Friedrich Nietzsche has said, “God is dead.” He was wrong on two counts: first, God has never been there, so how can he be dead? On the second count, modern physics has found that there is no matter. Matter is illusion, it only appears. What exists is energy, not matter.

So the old God is dead, the old materialism is dead. A new world is arising which will be based on energy and its transformations. And that is my work: how to transform your energy from sleeping to waking, from conscious to super-conscious; how to destroy all unconscious corners in your being and make your whole existence full of light and consciousness.

There is tremendous appeal for me in Russia. People are handwriting books, typing books, cyclostyling books and spreading them underground. This is the only movement in Russia which is going on underground, the only spiritual movement in Russia. Soon we will have enough people so that they will not need to be underground.

I will ask the permission of the Soviet Union to visit my people there. And it will be a good chance for the Soviet Union to slap the face of America. If they allow me, and stop persecuting my sannyasins - who are absolutely innocent, who have no political goals - I will support the Soviet Union against America all over the world.

But if they don’t allow me to enter Russia, then sooner or later my people will have to fight, inside Russia, legal battles for my entry, because I do not want to break any country’s law. I am a law-abiding person.

But I will find ways to meet them. I have been finding ways to send them literature, to send them tapes. I will be moving around Russia where people can come and meet me. Even if I’m against some law, I will not break it. I would like the law to be withdrawn, only then I will enter that country.

And it does not matter.My people in Russia are spreading so fast that soon they will have a tremendous force. They are all young people and all the bureaucrats are old, almost dead. For seventy years, since the revolution, the same clique of people has been ruling Russia with one leg almost in the grave. Soon younger people will be coming to power, and the moment younger people come to power in any country, then I am in power.

With the young heart I have a synchronicity.

My heart beats with the younger heart. There is a tremendous communion - not only with words, but even with silence. But I will try to reach East Berlin and I will try to reach the Soviet Union and other communist countries - because this whole world is one, and I don’t believe in the bogus boundaries of nations. I don’t believe in the discrimination of religions, and I don’t believe in the discrimination of nations.

The world needs to be one, only then can this world be a paradise.

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