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Chapter 6: You Can’t Corner a Madman

Watch: if you tell a woman, “I love you because you have beautiful eyes,” she will not be happy, because tomorrow she can lose her eyes. Eyes are just accidental.or some disease may happen and she may become blind, or the eyes may not remain beautiful. When you say, “I love you because you have a beautiful face,” the woman is not happy, because the face will not remain beautiful forever. The old age is coming every day, every moment. But if you say, “I love you,” then she feels happy because this “you” is something permanent, not accidental, nothing can happen to it. When you say to a woman, “I love you because.” then she never feels happy, because the “because” brings intellect in. You simply say, you shrug your shoulders and you say, “I don’t know why, but I love you.” The moon center starts functioning, the woman flowers.

Watch a woman when nobody loves her and watch her the next moment when somebody has said to her, “I love you.” A tremendous difference, of grace, dignity; a tremendous change - her whole face becomes enlightened with something new - a glow comes to her. What has happened? The moon center has released its energy.

You must have heard the name of one great Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh. He was ugly, very ugly, and no woman could ever manage to say to him, “I love you.” Of course, he remained retarded - the moon center never functioned. He was repulsive. People would look at him and escape. He used to work in an art dealer’s shop, and the man, the owner, watched him day in, day out. He looked so dull, as if much dust had gathered on his being, and he did not take interest in anything. Customers would come, he would show the paintings, but he would not take any interest. Continuously burdened, not interested in anything, indifferent. He would walk like a zombie - had to walk, so he would walk, but no zest, no life, no intensity, no passion.

One day suddenly, the owner could not believe his eyes. He had come, and it seemed he had taken a bath after many months, or many years maybe. He had taken a bath, he had combed his hair, and his step had a dance in it and he was humming a tune. Impossible! And he had good clothes on and he was wearing a perfume. Impossible.

The owner called him, “Van Gogh, what has happened?” Van Gogh said, “It has happened - a woman has said she loves me. Though the woman was only a prostitute, but still.she has said so only for money, but still, a woman has said she loves me.”

Van Gogh asked the woman, the prostitute, “Why do you love me?” Because that was always a haunting thing in him - nobody loves him, he knew his ugliness. “Why do you love me?” It was impossible for him to accept that somebody can love him just for himself, “Why?” And the prostitute was at a loss because there was nothing to say, because whatsoever she said would look ridiculous. She cannot say, “Because of your eyes,” she cannot say, “Because of your face,” she cannot say, “Because of your body” - everything was somehow wrong. She said, “Because of your ears. They are so beautiful.” Ears? Have you ever heard? And he was so enchanted that he went back home, cut off one ear, wrapped it in a parcel, went back, and presented the ear to the woman. He said, “Nobody has ever liked anything in me. This is a poor man’s present, but keep it.” The woman was aghast. She could not believe, what type of madman is this?

But he felt very good, he felt tremendously good. He wrote in one of his letters, “That was the peak of my life. Somebody had liked something in me, and I could share my being.”

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