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Chapter 25: Religiousness, Not Religion

Just the other day I was telling you how you can go above your psychology, your mind, those three divisions - how you can reach to the fourth, the turiya. And when you reach to the fourth, suddenly you see a transfiguration. It is not loneliness, it is simply aloneness, and it is a truth. And it is so beautiful to be alone, nobody taking any space, covering any space in you. No need to be needed by anybody, no need to need anybody - such a great strength that for the first time you feel you are born.

Religion is the way to get out of the mind, because mind is fragmentary, divided, a crowd, many; and when you go above it, consciousness is one, undivided, indivisible, individual. And to know that indivisible consciousness is to know all. Nothing more is needed.

You ask me, “Do your sannyasins need religion?”

Not the religion that you know about, but the religiousness that I am talking about. And in fact I cannot say that the sannyasins need religiousness. To be a sannyasin is to be religious. Unless you are religious, how can you be a sannyasin? But religion, remember again, in my sense of the word..

The sannyasin knows he is alone, knows that there is no God, no Devil, no hell, no heaven. He knows what is harmonious for him, so he does it; and what is disharmonious for him, so he does not do it. He knows what brings blessings to him - he does it. And he knows what creates unnecessary suffering - he drops doing it. It is not a question of stopping, not doing it; he simply drops it. The moment you see that you are carrying a scorpion in your hand, is there any need to tell you, “Please drop it”? Before anybody says, “Drop it!” you will have dropped it. All that is needed is to know that you are carrying a scorpion in your hand.

Consciousness makes you aware, simply aware of what is right, of what is wrong. And the right starts happening, and the wrong starts disappearing.