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Chapter 2: Dynamic Meditation

Is there some kind of hypnosis involved in the technique?

The moment a person begins to experiment with this method there is no question of belief or faith, there is no question of hypnosis. The contrary is the case: we have hypnotized ourselves into believing that we are normal and sane human beings. This is the hypnosis! The whole world is a great madhouse and we have hypnotized ourselves into thinking that we are sane, normal. But the insanity that is hidden in the background always tries to come out: it erupts, it explodes out of us in dreams.

It explodes out of us when we are intoxicated. LSD or mescaline cause an explosion of madness, but the explosion does not come from the LSD or mescaline, and dreams do not create the madness either. Drugs or dreams just uncover your self, the authentic being that is within you. That is why, for a sadhaka, a seeker, it has been an essential part of many old traditions to know the self through drugs: various intoxicants are known to have been used in order to know the inner being, to know that which is within.

It is total nonsense even to try to discipline the mind. You have not known the innermost core, you are cultivating discipline from the outside - you will become disciplined but the madness will always remain within you. The ultimate outcome will be schizophrenia: there will be two beings living simultaneously within you, your whole being will be split. There will be continuous indecision and conflict within. And remember, conflict dissipates energy. So the first step toward a harmony and unity of the being is not discipline but knowledge of that which is within.

The within has been so suppressed for centuries, for millennia, that this suppression has become a part of your self. And not only you but the whole of humanity has suppressed what is within; you are just a part of the process. You have not suppressed what is within you consciously, knowingly - it is part of your heritage to do that.

That is the reason for the fear about this technique. The inhibited, suppressed, collective mind is the basis of all insanity, all tensions, all conflicts, all disharmony. There is a lurking fear that if we allow ourselves to let go, something which has been hitherto suppressed will emerge. And it is bound to happen. This fear creates a doubt about the technique, and the doubt then becomes another instrument for suppression.

So tell your students not to believe in the technique but just try it as an experiment for fifteen days. Let them try it for an hour a day - beginning with ten minutes of deep, fast breathing - and things will begin to move.

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