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Chapter 8: Real Is for Always

People have such condemnation for the ordinary. I have tremendous respect for it because the ordinary is the real. God is the most ordinary thing in existence - has to be. How can he be special? - compared to what, compared to whom? He alone is, he cannot be special. He can only be ordinary, as ordinary as the rose and the peacock and the eagle, and the river and the rock and the cloud.

But Aniruddha must have had a desire deep down to become special. People search for masters in order to become special. People search for masters out of their ego desires. The very search is an ego trip. Then naturally, one day you will be disillusioned. That was your illusion; I have nothing to do with it. If you project something on me, how am I supposed to be responsible for it? You project; sooner or later your projection will fall down. In fact, I will help in every way so that it is broken, shattered, so that you can see me as I am, so that one day you can see yourself too as you are.

My whole teaching is drop all these stupid efforts to become special, extraordinary. Just enjoy reality as it is - wherever you are, whosoever you are. Celebrate it. This I call prayer, this I call being religious: celebrating one’s being. It is a gift from God. Just to be is more than you can ask for. Just to be is the greatest miracle. What more of a miracle can happen?

Venu Gopal, something tremendously beautiful is on the way. Don’t create any more illusions again. The mind will try. Don’t listen to the mind. Remain disillusioned. It will be a kind of dying, because you have lived up to now through illusions. That has been your nourishment. You will feel like dying. But die - and with this death a new life will arise in you, you will be resurrected. Let this be a death - and a total death. Don’t die in a lukewarm way; die totally, wholly. Allow this death to happen, and the next moment, out of this death, some new life arises that you have not seen and that has been always within you - but you were not available to see it.

And to Aniruddha also I would like to say: It is very good, Aniruddha. Now you are seeing my reality. I am an ordinary man and I am here to make you ordinary also. I am here to help you come out of your ego trips. I am here to help you to celebrate this immense ordinariness. Only then are you grateful to God.

What are you trying to do - trying to become somebody else, trying to decorate yourself? But all those decorations will be falsifications. You can never be anybody else, you can only be yourself. There is no way for the roseflower to become a lotus. There is no way for the lotus to become a roseflower. You can only be yourself. If you allow it there will be celebration, because there will be no possibility of misery, and the energy that becomes misery becomes celebration. If you don’t allow it to move into becoming misery, what else will you do? It is the same energy that cries in you - it can become laughter. It is the same energy that becomes hate in you, sour, bitter - it becomes love. It is the same energy that can become destruction - it becomes creation. The energy is not different. When you are engaged in an ego trip of becoming somebody special, then your whole life will be nothing but a long tragedy.

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