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Chapter 6: Follow Your Inner Being, Then No Government Is Needed

Galileo must have been a man with a great sense of humor. He said, “To me it makes no difference. I will change it in the book, I will write that the sun moves around the earth, but my statement will not make any difference at all. The earth will go on moving around the sun, in spite of my statement. How can my statement make any difference to the earth?”

And that’s what he did. He changed his statement and in a note, a footnote, he wrote: “It makes no difference to the earth or to the sun - they go on their way. I am changing it because I don’t want to be unnecessarily harassed in my old age.”

And it has been so continuously since Galileo: everything that science comes to discover goes against The Bible. Again and again the same problem arises. Because science has been progressing in the West, the struggle has been between science and Christianity.

But if we look, the same question is valid about every religion. Hinduism believes that the earth is flat, not round. But no Hindu makes a point of saying that the idea should be discarded, it goes against our researches. In the Hindu scriptures it says that the sun is smaller than the earth, which is absolutely nonsense - the sun is sixty thousand times bigger than the earth. But no Hindu even bothers.

And most fundamentally, in the first place these things should not be in the religious scriptures, because religion has nothing to do with the size of the sun or the size of the earth. We should take out everything that is not religious from the religious scriptures.

Religious scriptures will need, every ten years, a new edition, because science will go on progressing, inquiring. And the way science inquires and progresses is exactly the way of man’s inner search. He also doubts, questions, is skeptical, tries to find the truth himself. He becomes a lab unto himself.

Gautam Buddha could not find any God within himself. He searched to the very ultimate core of his being and he found no God. And if God is not existent in human consciousness, then God cannot be existent in the mountains, in the trees, which are far lower.

And the people who have come to the idea of God and have been preaching it, how have they found it? Where have they found it, and what is their method of finding it? Nothing is said about it in any scripture - you simply have faith. But why should one have faith in anybody else, who may be lying, who may be disillusioned himself, who may be insane?

I cannot conceive that Moses encountered God, because God is not a person. So if anything happened, it must have been an illusion, it must have been a projection. And projections are very easy. Just go on a three-week fast, and your mind starts losing the capacity to ask questions. Your mind starts coming to a point where you cannot divide what is dream and what is real.

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