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Chapter 13: The Light of Buddhahood

Meditation has attained to the heights of Mount Everest in this country. Unparalleled geniuses like Shiva, Patanjali, Mahavira, Buddha and Gorakh incarnated here. So why is the attraction towards meditation diminishing in India?

Just now I was listening to a Ghazal by Mehdi Hassan:

The shoots have come afresh upon the branches - tell him;
Neither has he understood nor will he - yet tell him:
The shoots have come afresh upon the branches

This flow of sannyas.the shoots have come afresh upon the branches.

Meditation has never ever died in this country - sometimes above the ground, sometimes below, the Ganges of meditation has remained flowing constantly, eternally. It is flowing today; it will be flowing tomorrow too.

This is man’s only hope, because the day meditation dies, man will also die. In meditation is man’s life. You may be aware of it, you may not be aware of it; you may know it, you may not know it, but meditation is your innermost being. That which is hidden within your every breath, that which is hidden within your heartbeat, that which is you, is nothing other than meditation.

But the question is significant.

If this country has given the world anything, if India has made any contribution to the world, it is meditation. Then, whether it is through Patanjali, through Mahavira, through Buddha, through Kabir, through Nanak.the names may change but not the contribution. With different names, through different people, in different voices, we have been giving a single call - one summons to the world - and that is of meditation. Hence this question naturally arises: that after touching the heights of Everest, after recognizing the heights of Gautam Buddha, why then is this disinterest in meditation spreading throughout the collective psyche of India?

On the surface it seems paradoxical, but such is man’s psychology. Anything that has already been achieved by someone loses its challenge for the common man. The ego only feels challenged by something which has not yet been achieved, by something which is very difficult to achieve.

Try to understand this. It is subtle.

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