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Chapter 36: Rise in Love

Any love enforced for any reasons, is not love. And you both know what love is, because you had been in those moments; so you can compare easily that it is not the same thing. Help each other to come out - and it is very easy if you help each other - and part in grace.

Next time try not to fall, but try to rise.

Don’t let biology dominate you.

Your consciousness should be the master.

To be disobedient and to surrender seem to me polar opposites. Please explain how the two can be lived.

They are not polar opposites.

Just a little awareness.. Be disobedient to your ego - that is the meaning of surrender. If you want to be disobedient to the person you are surrendering to, then they are opposite, polar opposites. Then why surrender?

Surrender simply means you trust the person more than your ego, you trust the person more than your own mind. Surrender happens only in a situation where you have found someone whom you can trust more than you can trust yourself. Then disobey your ego.

But people never think in that way. They never think of disobeying their ego, they are always disobeying others. And they don’t understand that disobeying others may be just obeying their own ego.

This is what has happened with J. Krishnamurti. For his whole life he has been a teacher of thousands of people, telling them to disobey, to be rebellious, not to follow anyone. But he has forgotten one thing: these people will follow their egos, these people will not rebel against their egos, these people will not be disobedient to their egos.

So a strange phenomenon I have experienced: the people who have been around Krishnamurti, all have become firm egoists. They cannot surrender; surrender is wrong. They cannot trust, they cannot become a disciple. The whole teaching has backfired. Krishnamurti completely forgot that what he is saying is satisfying to the ego of the people.

What I am saying to you is absolutely against you!

You have to disappear for your real being to appear and function.

Surrender, trust, are just devices.

If you can do it without those devices, they are not needed. If you can drop your ego.it is very simple; there is no reason to go to a master.

The master is only a device.

Because he is so humble, so wise, so insightful, it is easy to put your ego at his feet. The master is only a device.

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