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Chapter 14: We Are Here to Be Whole

A commune is only a small experiment, a kind of rehearsal where you can dissolve without any fear. Once you know how to dissolve, melt, you have known all; the same has to be done with the whole. And the paradoxical phenomenon is, when you dissolve in the whole, the whole dissolves in you. You don’t lose anything; you gain the whole universe! Perhaps you lose your chains, bondages, you lose your small, cozy, egoistic existence. But when you have the whole existence melting in you, who cares for small things?

So this is the only university. The other universities are teaching you to become strong egos. They are not universities, because the university should teach you to become one with the universe. That is the meaning of the word university. I don’t know what kind of idiots go on creating language. They create a university to strengthen your ego; they are against the universe.

In my way of seeing, they should call all the universities of the world - Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, all the universities of the world - they should stop calling them universities; they are multiversities. There is nothing like unity with existence; they are making you more and more solid, crystallized, separate from everybody.

This university is exactly what the word means. We are not here to be part, we are here to be the whole. And when you can be the whole, it will be sheer stupidity to remain a part.

I don’t belong to anything, because to belong means separation. I am in everything, and everything is in me.

Why haven’t people from Africa come to you? Most of the people who come are white-skinned. To me, what you say is for everyone. Are the others afraid of you?

It is true, what I say is for everyone. But everyone is not ready for it.

We have become accustomed to dividing the world into East and West. It has to be changed - we should start conceiving of the world as divided into North and South. East and West is not a true division, because the eastern people and the western people are all different shades of whiteness. They come from the same root, the same race - the Aryans. Their languages can prove it very easily.

All the languages of East and West are sister languages; their roots are derived from a single source, Sanskrit. The words may have taken different shapes, changes - a little bit here, a little bit there - but if you are careful you can figure out what has happened to each word.

Just think of a few words of East and West, and you will see they are not separate people. You call man’s first beginning, Adam. Arabians call him Dum, Indians call him Admi. Do you see any difference?

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