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Chapter 9: Only the Knowing Remains

This is the ultimate jump. When a man gathers the courage for this jump, he becomes one with the supreme truth. It is not possible to be one with the supreme truth without losing oneself. Hence Western philosophers, in their attempt to seek truth, have been unable to go beyond human, worldly truth. Theirs is a search of man; it is not existential, it pertains to human beings only. The search of the sage of the East is not for worldly, human truths but for existential truths. He says, “What will you ever know about the ocean by standing on its shore? I shall know it by sinking into it.” But even sinking into it we do not merge into it completely - we and the ocean still remain apart.

So the sage says, “Since this is the case, I shall become an effigy made of salt so that I can dissolve into it. I shall know the ocean by merging into it - by being the ocean itself. I shall be one with the ocean. I shall be salty as it is salty. I shall be water as it is water. I shall be a wave in its waves. I shall be an endless depth in its endless depths. Then and then only will I be able to know it.”

It is not possible to know it before all this. Before this, we can have an acquaintance with it but not existential knowledge. Standing on the shore, we can only become acquainted with the ocean. To know it, we must dissolve into it.

Enough for today.

Now let us prepare ourselves to dissolve.