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Chapter 2: Innocence Is a Light unto Itself

The master simply kills your questions. He does not give you an answer, he takes away the question.

If all your questions can be taken away - listen carefully to what I am saying - if all your questions can be taken away, your ignorance is bound to disappear, and what remains is innocence.

And innocence is a light unto itself.

In that innocence you don’t know any question, any answer, because the whole realm of questions and answers is left behind. It has become irrelevant, you have transcended it. You are pure of questions and pure of answers.

This state is enlightenment. And if you are courageous enough, you even can go beyond it. This will give you all the beautiful experiences described by the mystics down the ages: your heart will dance with ecstasy, your whole being will become a beautiful sunrise.thousands of lotuses blossoming in you.

If you want, you can make your home here. In the past, people have stopped here, because where can you find a better place? Gautam Buddha has called this place the “Lotus Paradise.”

But if you are a born seeker. I will suggest: have a little rest, enjoy all the beauties of enlightenment but don’t make it a full-stop. Go beyond, because life, its journey, is unending and much more is going to happen which is absolutely indescribable.

The experience of enlightenment is also beyond description, but it has been described by all who have experienced it. They all say it is beyond description and still they describe it: that it is full of light, that it is full of joy, that it is the ultimate in blissfulness. If this is not description then what is description?

I am saying it for the first time: for thousands of years the people who have become enlightened have been saying that it cannot be described, and at the same time have been describing it, have been their whole lives singing it. But beyond enlightenment you certainly enter into a world which is indescribable.

Because in enlightenment you still are; otherwise who is feeling the blissfulness, who is seeing the light? Kabir says, “.as if thousands of suns have risen.” Who is seeing it? Enlightenment is the ultimate experience - but still it is experience, and the experiencer is there.

Going beyond it, there is no experiencer. You dissolve.

First you were trying to dissolve your problems; now you dissolve - because existentially you are the problem. Your separation from existence is the only question which has to be solved. You lose your boundaries, you are no more. Who is there to experience?

You need tremendous courage to drop the ego to achieve enlightenment. You will need a million times more courage to drop yourself to attain the beyond - and the beyond is the real.

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