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Chapter 1: Man Is a Seed

Everybody is religious in a way - somebody is Hindu, somebody is Mohammedan, somebody is Christian - and nobody is religious in reality. We have created a fiction of being religious, and the fiction is so cheap, is so easily available, who is going then on the adventure to seek and search for God? That is arduous. One has to risk - one has to risk one’s ego, and that is the most arduous thing in life.

Unless one is ready to dissolve one’s ego, the fish is going to remain thirsty. Dissolve the ego and all thirst disappears, because the moment you dissolve the ego, the wall between you and the ocean disappears; then you are part of the ocean. How can you be thirsty then?

And man is certainly thirsty, hungry, in deep anguish. Man lives a very phony life, inauthentic. He only pretends to live; he does not really live. He goes through all the empty gestures of living, but look at people, look at yourself, look at others - you will not see the dance. People are dragging; life seems to be a burden, a great burden, somehow to be tolerated. Life is not a celebration, and that’s what it should be.

Your steps don’t have the quality of dance. Your heart is not throbbing with ecstasy. You are not pulsating and vibrating with joy, with love. You are not overflowing with energy. What kind of life is this? Just going round and round in circles, dead, dull, stupid routines. Just hoping that tomorrow something will happen.and the tomorrow never comes, and nothing ever happens. Waiting for Godot, and Godot never comes - you go on waiting and waiting and waiting, and all that ever comes is death.

But life is so miserable that even death feels like a relief. Life is so empty that it is very rare to find a human being who has not contemplated, sometime or other, committing suicide. Life is so empty that we go on keeping ourselves occupied - with any rubbish - just to remain occupied so that we don’t see the emptiness, so we don’t see the inner vacuum, the inner darkness.

Just watch and you will see that man is living in great anguish, anxiety. Man is already in hell. When somebody asks me, “Osho, do you believe there is a hell?” I always say, “There is no question of believing - you are living in it.” Hell cannot be doubted; heaven can be doubted but not hell. Hell is such a day-to-day reality! But why? - why should it be so? Why did it happen in the first place? We will have to understand something special about human beings.

Man is the only animal on the earth, in fact in the whole of existence, who is dual. Other animals are not dual: they are what they are, hence there is no problem. A tiger is a tiger, and a peacock is a peacock, and a dog is a dog. With man there is something special. That is the glory of man, if we understand it. If we don’t understand it, this becomes the agony.

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