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Chapter 9: The Fall of the Idiots

So nirvichara samadhi is not the last thing: it is the last but one. And that “last but one” is the goal. Beyond that, read Zenrin, Tilopa, Lin Chi; sit silently and let the grass grow by itself. Beyond that, you can live in the market, because the market is as beautiful as the monastery. Beyond that, you can do whatsoever you feel like doing - you can do your own thing - but not before that. You can relax, the search is over. In that relaxation comes a moment of inner tuning with the cosmos and the wall disappears because it is created by your doing; when you don’t do, it disappears. It is fed by your doing. When you don’t do, it disappears, and when the doing has disappeared and you have transcended all control, then there is no life and no death because life is of the doer, death is of the doer.

Now you are no more; you have dissolved. You have dissolved like a piece of salt thrown into the ocean dissolves, and you cannot find where it has gone. Can you find a piece of salt which has dissolved into the ocean? It has become one with the ocean. You can taste the ocean, but you cannot find the piece.

That’s why, when again and again people asked Buddha, “What will happen when a buddha dies? What happens when a buddha dies?” Buddha remained silent; he never answered it. It was a very persistent question, “What happens to a buddha?” Buddha remained silent because Buddha appears to be, to you. For himself, he is no more. Inside, he is no more. Inside, outside have become one; the part and the whole have become one; the devotee and the god have become one; the lover is dissolved into the beloved.

Then what remains? Love remains: the lover no more, the beloved no more; the knower no more, the known no more: knowing remains. Simple consciousness remains with no center to it, vast as existence, deep as existence, mysterious as existence. But nothing can be done.

When you come to this point someday. If you seek hard you will come. If you seek hard you will come to nirvichara samadhi - then don’t carry the old habit of doing, then don’t carry the old pattern of doing, then don’t ask, “How?” Then simply be loose and natural and let things be.

Accept whatsoever happens; celebrate whatsoever happens. Chop wood, carry water, sit silently and let the grass grow.

Enough for today.