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Chapter 15: The Three Rings of Love

In reality it happens every night all over the world, wives are throwing things at husbands. A pillow fight is almost a religious thing: every day it has to be done - anyway it is good exercise and nobody is harmed. Wives go on breaking things, but they always break things which are worthless. They are wiser than men. Even in their anger they keep an alert eye not to destroy something valuable, not to destroy the TV.! Old dishes.? Break them. They make a good noise also, a language which is understood in the whole neighborhood.

They throw things at their husbands, but they make certain that they don’t hurt the poor fellows; otherwise they will have to take care of them. They never make them a real target. They throw things here and there avoiding the poor fellows.

But it goes on and after all this fight - as happens in every war - some kind of peace, some kind of treaty and the husband goes out to buy ice cream. And people are living together in this misery without any analysis of where it is coming from. It is coming from private property and the desire to keep the property in the hands of our own children.

Karl Marx used to think that when communism comes, marriage would automatically disappear. He was logically right, but life is strange; it never follows logic. It always goes surprisingly, shockingly, illogically, irrationally.Karl Marx’s theories were tried in Russia just in the beginning years of communism. For three years they tried to dissolve marriage, but then finally they found that if marriage is dissolved, misery is dissolved. Then to keep people enslaved is impossible. They are enslaved because they are in such suffering they cannot think of freedom. They cannot be free from their wives - what kind of freedom can they think of? And where is the time?

One man was packing his suitcases and his wife said, “Where are you going?”

He said, “I am going to Paris. I have heard that there you make love to a woman and the woman gives you ten dollars.”

The wife said, “Wait, I am coming with you.”

The man said, “But what are you going to do? What is your purpose?”

She said, “My purpose is to see how you manage to live on twenty dollars for the whole month.”s

After three years of effort the Russian government understood that marriage is absolutely necessary to keep the nation. If marriage disappears the nation cannot remain any longer. It will follow, because marriage is certainly the unit of the nation. Once there is no marriage, thousands of things will change. And the government became afraid: Who is going to take care of the children? What will happen to the ancient prejudice of morality? It will disturb the whole structure.

They dropped the idea, thinking that Marx was only a theoretician, he was not a man of practicality. He had not taken into consideration the consequences of his idea. The idea is still great, but just as an idea it cannot be practiced. But the strange fact is that Marx himself never practiced it. He was a married man with children and he lived the same miserable life as every husband and every wife lives.

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