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Chapter 9: Lovers of Tao

Buddha calls it Dhamma.

Whatever the name,

this is your pure existence.

It opens the doors of all the mysteries - mysteries that you can feel, but you cannot say; mysteries that you can sing, you can dance, you can live, but you cannot say. This is the world of Zen, and experiencing existence is its language.

Blessed is this evening.

You have all disappeared into an oceanic love,

into an oceanic consciousness,

dissolving your thin boundaries.

Remember this universal experience twenty-four hours, just like an undercurrent. Remain a buddha - walking or sitting, sleeping or waking.



Now you can come back, but come back not the same as you had gone in.

Come back much more solid,

much more integrated,

much more centered,

and then sit silently for a few moments

as a buddha.

Can we celebrate the gathering of ten thousand buddhas?