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Chapter 6: The Mind Has No Reverse Gear

As far as Gita is concerned, she has been with me for a long time, and perhaps this is the first time she has asked. Her reason for not asking is that whether she asks it or not, I am always giving the answer while I am answering somebody else’s question. And slowly, slowly a great trust has arisen in her that there is no need to ask. If an answer is needed, it will be given. To whom it is given does not matter. If it is relevant to your question, you have received the answer.

Hence, the desire to ask has disappeared. You have been able to understand a very significant factor: that before you ask the question, the master knows the question. Whether you ask it or not does not make much difference. He will answer it in some way or other.

Secondly, listening to all the questions asked by other people, you have also become aware that the real thing is not the answer. The real thing is dissolving the question. For the answer you have to depend on somebody else; but for dissolving the question, dropping the question, you are absolutely independent. Why go on carrying questions? Drop them - because they are wounds in your soul.

And remember, by dropping the questions you will not become ignorant, neither will you become knowledgeable. You will become innocent, just a pillar of silence - with no thoughts stirring your peace, disturbing your being, with no ripples on your consciousness. And this is the answer to all the questions. Questions can be millions, but the answer is one, and that answer is to be questionless.

Those who have been listening to me for years - there are many who have never asked, for the simple reason that I am not answering questions, I am destroying questions. That kind of work you can do yourself. Because you are not courageous enough to destroy them, you need my help. Just a little courage.drop the questions, and then you are the answer. Your innocence is the answer. The answer does not come in words. It comes as ecstasy, as peace, as serenity, as centering, as maturity.

And that is the difference between a teacher and a master. The teacher answers your question; the master destroys it. The teacher makes you more knowledgeable; the master helps you to become a child again - full of wonder and innocence. That is happening to you, and this is the greatest thing in existence that can happen to a person: being reborn in this very life as innocence.

Last night I read this quote from Krishnamurti: “Analysis cannot lead to understanding or insight - observation and not analysis!”
The first years running groups here in Pune, it was mainly problem-oriented. It felt like a big cleanup.
In Rancho Rajneesh somehow I knew therapy was really finished, yet I did not know how to bring meditation into the group room.
I was still focusing on the dark side and too scared to really
move into the unknown.
Being here now, for the first time I get a glimpse that through meditation, observing, and simplifying, everything that is in the way slowly dissolves by allowing the lightness to shine within. And without doing anything, suddenly the click happens. Everything is light and playful, and with it comes an incredible feeling of preciousness and gratitude that we can all be here with you at this time.

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