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Chapter 1: Whatever the Cost Enlightenment Is Cheap

From tomorrow morning, start dissolving the armies, drowning all your armaments in the ocean, and hope for the best - that the intelligentsia around the world will follow.

Nobody listens to words. Actions are needed to materialize any idea into a reality.

I will wait for tomorrow.

What I have said should be sent immediately in a telegram to Rajiv Gandhi.

Tomorrow morning begins a new history for man. Otherwise, take your words back, and apologize to the whole of humanity. These political talks have tortured us too much.

One friend has asked,

Everywhere in the world, for some support or to negate something, people are asked to raise one of their hands. Why do you ask us always to raise both our hands?

A relevant question, but I never do anything which I cannot scientifically explain to you.

Your two hands are connected with your two brains, crosswise. Your right hand is connected with the left brain, your left hand is connected with the right brain, and these two brains have no bridge, no communication between themselves. So when you are asked to raise one hand, it is bound to be the right hand.

A strange fallacy has persisted for centuries, as if right is right and left is wrong. So people are asked to raise their right hand in support or in negation, but that represents only the left brain, only half of your being. Your right brain may not be with your left brain, may not support it.

One hand is half-hearted, that’s why I ask you always to raise both hands. Both hands represent your whole heart, your whole mind, your whole being. Nothing is left out of it.

Raising one hand does not prove that you are totally with the hand. Half your mind, half your body is not with it.

So it is not without reason that I have always asked you to raise both your hands. It is because I want you always to be total. Never be partial; only a total man is an authentic man.

And a third small thing..

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