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Chapter 1: Miracles Are Bound to Happen

All day, I have this melted sensation like something inside me dissolving in the glow of your love. Discourse comes and it just expands to fill the silence, leaving a breathing heart and a pair of ears hanging from nowhere. It feels like being an orgasm. Oh Osho, are you even turning the dark night of the soul into the light night of the soul?

Prem Amrito, it is exactly the definition of mysticism: the transformation of the dark night of the soul into a light night of the soul.

It is my work and it is your work, too. All these people who have gathered here are in search of light, life, love, laughter; and all these divine qualities have been destroyed by centuries of exploitation - by all kinds of priests, bureaucrats, politicians, by all those who have been in some kind of power.

But they have not been successful in destroying you. They have been successful only in suppressing you; they have not killed you, they have only poisoned you. And your poison can be taken out, and you can become alive again - which is your birthright.

You are saying, “All day, I have this melted sensation.” This is the beginning of disappearing - disappearing into the whole. First, you will feel just as if you are melting, ice melting. “like something inside me dissolving in the glow of your love.”

Something certainly is dissolving in everyone, more or less, except those few unfortunate ones who stand on the bank of a river and remain thirsty. But what is dissolving is not your reality; it is the unreal in which your reality has been repressed, covered. Once the unreal dissolves, the false disappears. Suddenly, you will have for the first time, an inner experience of sunrise - light all over the inner horizon of your sky.

“Discourse comes and it just expands.” Spirituality is very contagious; if there are so many people around you in the same space, it helps tremendously. And if someone who has come back home is amongst you, his very presence starts giving you the direction, the dimension in which you have to expand, move, melt, merge.

“Discourse comes and it just expands to fill the silence.” Perhaps this is the only place on the whole earth where so many people are sitting in immense silence - not only on the outside but inside too. And silence gives space. Words, thoughts, are all disturbances.

Silence is an opening to the infinite.

You can expand to infinity - it all depends on your courage. And courage also comes as your experience grows, as you see that the more you expand, the more beautiful life becomes; the more you expand, the more love showers on you; the more you expand.everything takes on a new psychedelic dimension. It becomes more colorful, more alive, more dancing. The ordinary world suddenly starts changing into something extraordinary. The mundane becomes the sacred. And these are the most significant moments in life - when the mundane becomes sacred.

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