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Chapter 5: My Skin and Bone Are Turned to Gold

It has happened in India many times. For two, three thousand years, India had been continually conquered by barbarians who were not rich, who were not affluent, who were not cultured at all. But India was defeated continually. People were loving - they had forgotten how to fight, they were not interested in fighting. There was no need inside for them to be continually at war. Whenever a civilization reaches to the point where it becomes affluent, it is in danger of being invaded by barbarians. This is unfortunate, but this is so.

So every country and every politician tries not to allow love too much. It has to be given only in small quantities. If love is free, and people are very loving and they exist in an ocean of love, war is not possible. Without war, politics is not possible; without politics, presidents and premiers are not possible. They will simply disappear.

The hippie is the greatest danger signal yet to politicians. In the whole of history, for the first time a new sort of generation is arising. If this generation goes on flowering, spreading, politics is going to be just out of date. The days of presidents and premiers are gone! And the whole thing depends on love, because love is a quality of being. Competition is for things, ambition is for things, ambition is for the kingdom without. The inner kingdom knows no competition. You can simply delight in it this very moment. It needs no future, it needs no achievement on your part. Already, as you are, you are ready to enjoy and delight and celebrate. Nothing is missing. Everything is absolutely available; as it should be, it is. You just have to drop your ambitious mind and the celebration starts. Can you see this? If you can see this you will be able to understand the novel man.

The Bauls say, “The man who has understood the futility of things becomes religious.” If you are running after having, you will become a manipulator: constantly in conflict with others, constantly trying to crush others by any way and any means, trying to reach to the top. You will lose all spontaneity.

The man of being, the novel man, is spontaneous. He lives in the moment, he lives herenow. He knows no other way to live, he is unpredictable. You can predict a man of competition. You can predict because the mind of the competitor runs like a mathematical formula. It has a logical syllogism in it. But the mind of one who is moving inwards, the man of being, is almost dissolving. The mind of the inward traveler is dissolving, you cannot predict him. He has no mathematical formula about him - he simply lives in the moment, he responds to the moment.

Now let me tell you one thing: the man of having is very clear. The man of having has a destination, very clear-cut. If he wants to become the president of the United States or the premier of India, he has a clear-cut destination.

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