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Chapter 14: Love Is as Rare as Buddhahood

Satsang is a very significant word - it means the presence of the master. It cannot be translated into English because there has never been such a thing as satsang in English.

In India, in the whole of the East, this is the most precious thing - just to be in the presence of the master; not doing anything, just being there. The very closeness works like a catalytic agent. You don’t do anything, the master is not going to do anything - nobody is a doer - but things happen. Just the meeting of the energies and things happen.

Satsang means in the presence of the master - and that is going to be your sadhana. Remember me as much as you can, and feel me present everywhere, whatsoever you are doing. Let that become a constant milieu around you. Let me surround you and let me drown you..


Now you’ve made me confused!

That’s my whole business! If you are confused I make you clear. If you are clear I make you confused!


I’m becoming very disturbed by sudden noises when I am in meditation, particularly in the lectures [given under a tent] when birds fly by. In dreaming too, I’m feeling physical sensations that are like shocks to my body. And I am overeating continuously. However many times I vow not to overeat, I continue to do so.

So let us take one by one.

In deep meditation the body becomes very sensitive, and even a bird’s noise can be a tremendous disturbance. When you are really sensitive and deep, anything - a small ripple - is disturbing. But it will happen in the beginning because you are not attuned to that much sensitivity.

By and by you will settle in it. Then it will become ordinary and nothing will disturb it. Then again you will go deeper, and then again a disturbance will come. This will happen on many layers. There are at least seven layers, and whenever one layer becomes sensitive for the first time, it will be a disturbance. You will feel very fragile and anything can hurt you deeply. You can feel as if you are falling apart, but don’t be worried.

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