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Chapter 7: I Teach Death

If you look at it this way - and this is the fact - then what I am saying is that sex and brahmacharya are related to each other, just as the lowest and the highest rungs are. As man moves up the ladder of sex, he enters into brahmacharya. Brahmacharya is nothing but sex reduced to its lowest degree. One reaches to a point where it almost feels as if everything has become empty - it is reaching to the ultimate end. Then there is no contradiction in life, no tension. Then there is no restlessness in life. Then we can live a natural life.

What I am talking about is how to live a most natural life, in all its aspects. We don’t live naturally at any level, because we have learned the ways of living life unnaturally. If you were to tell a person, “Walk only with your left foot, because the left foot stands for religion, righteousness. Don’t walk on your right foot because the right foot represents unrighteousness..” If the man were to believe this - and there are lots of people who would believe this; people to believe in such stupid ideas have always been found. So you would come across people who would agree that to walk on the left foot is righteous, and to walk on the right foot is unrighteous. Then they would begin cutting their right foot off and trying to walk on the left foot. They would never be able to walk.

We can only walk with the combined movement of both legs. A leg never walks alone, by itself, although only one leg moves forward at a time. Walking, you only lift one leg at a time, which may create the wrong impression that you walk on one foot. But don’t forget that the one at a standstill, the one in repose, is as important as the one in motion. The day one attains brahmacharya, the sex in repose is instrumental in that attainment - in the same way as the stationary right leg is instrumental in the left leg’s moving forward. The left leg would not be able to move without the help of the right one.

Sex which has become still becomes the foothold for the arising of brahmacharya. One can take the step of brahmacharya only when sex has ceased to move. Uprooting the foothold of sex, breaking it, will certainly result in cutting off sex, but that won’t help in achieving brahmacharya. Instead, man will remain hanging in limbo - in the same way all the age-old teachings have left humanity hanging in limbo. What we see around us in life is nothing but the movement of the left and the right step, of the left and the right foot.

In life everything is integrated. The apparent diversity is like the notes of a great symphony. If you cut anything out, you will find yourself in difficulty. Someone may say the color black signifies evil. That’s why no one is allowed to wear black at marriages; black is allowed at somebody’s death. There are people who believe black is a sign of evil, and there are people who believe white is a sign of purity. In a symbolic sense, it is alright to have such distinctions, but if someone were to say, “Let’s get rid of black, let’s remove black from the face of the earth,” then remember, with the removal of black, very little white will be left behind - because the whiteness of white stands out in all its sharpness only against a black background.

The teacher writes on a blackboard with white chalk. Is he out of his mind? Why doesn’t he write on the white wall? Of course one can write on a white wall, but the letters won’t stand out. White manifests because of the black background; black is in fact causing the white to stand out.

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