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Chapter 12: Kundalini Will Transform You

From wherever you begin - whether from the whole or from the void, nothingness - it will take you to supreme silence where you will have nothing to say. Therefore, where you begin your journey is not a major question. What is to be examined is where you will finally arrive. Where will you ultimately reach, is the basic question. This final destiny can be known and recognized. And if one has attained to it, then whatever path he has followed is the right path. No path is right and no path is wrong in the absolute sense.

Whatever takes you to your goal is the right path. And the goal is one and the same, but wherever you begin, you will always begin with the “I.” The early experience will always be “I” oriented, because that is our present situation; that is where we are and from where we start. Whether we awaken the kundalini, go into meditation, or enter silence, the initial experience will be that of the person, it will be “I” oriented. Whatever happens at the initial stage will happen to us personally because we are separate entities at the beginning of the journey.

As we go deeper, the person, the ego will go on disappearing. But the more you move outwards, the person, the ego, will go on becoming bigger.

For instance, a person is standing on the edge of a well. If he goes into the well and keeps going deeper and deeper, he will one day reach the ocean. Ultimately he will know that there was no such thing as a well. What is a well really? It is just a hole; it is a hole in the earth through which one peeps into the ocean; it is a small opening into the great ocean.

What is the meaning of a well? It is a small opening, a passage through which you come in contact with the sea. You are wrong if you think of a well in terms of its water; the water in the well is the ocean itself; it comes from the ocean. The well is just the medium through which you see the sea. And as this opening becomes enlarged, the vision of the sea will be enlarged to the same extent.

But if you come out of the well and wander away from it, you will, by and by, lose sight of the water too. Then you will barely see the edge of the well and its mouth; you will never be able to find any association between the well and the ocean. And then you will refuse to believe that they are one and the same.

While the inward journey will take you to unity and oneness, the outward journey will do the opposite; it will take you to division and diversity. It will take you to the many.

But the fact remains that at the beginning of all experiences there is the well, the person, and at its end there is the ocean, no person - or godliness. It was in this sense that I said that the kunda of energy is one, universal, cosmic. If you dive deep, the kunda will cease to be yours; then there will be only the universal kunda. Then, in fact, nothing will be yours. It is so in the very nature of things.

If ultimately one has to attain to nothingness, then what is the need to awaken the kundalini or practice any kind of spiritual discipline?

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