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Chapter 10: Life: Uncharted and Unknown Possibilities

How can we become one with the reality and why are we separate from what is?

The division is something that we ourselves have created. Reality has always been one; it has never known any division. All division is a mental division, a creation of our own conditioning. Reality has always been undivided, indivisible. It is still so. It has always been so, it will always be so. But through our cultivated minds, we feel it to be divided.

The moment you become whole, the moment you become aware, there is neither the individual nor the cosmic - or you can say that everything is the cosmic. The cosmic does not exist in opposition to the individual. Rather, all individuals dissolve in the cosmic.

How can the cosmic be achieved?

By becoming aware of your fragmented mind, of your conceptions, your attitudes, your prejudices; by becoming aware of the mind that feels, hears, chooses. When you see a flower, it is not only that the flower is there. Between you and the flower, a particular mind exists, a particular attitude about the flower exists. Otherwise there would be no barrier between you and the flower. You would be one.

You and the flower are two extremes of one existence, two ends of one single moment. If your mind is not there, your consciousness and the flowering of the flower are two extreme points of one process. But if your mind is there - as it is always there - you are not just seeing the flower. Your seeing has a projection behind it, you are seeing in terms of your own conceptions, your own likes and dislikes.

You say, “This is a rose.” But there is no such thing as “rose.” The rose itself doesn’t know that it is a rose. We are the ones who have called it that. And the moment you say “rose” everything that is associated with the word rose stands between you and the particular flower in front of you. The word has so many associations. If your culture says that a rose is beautiful, then the flower becomes beautiful. If your culture is against roses, then it becomes ugly. If your experience with roses is associated with pain from the thorns, then the rose becomes one thing. If your associations are happy, then the rose becomes something different. But all the while, the rose itself remains the same. You see it with your mind. Your mind destroys that which is real and creates something imaginary, hallucinatory.

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