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Chapter 8: Total Acceptance and Non-Division: The Meaning of Tantric Purity

The whole thing is just the story of humanity. Every child is expelled from the garden, not only Adam and Eve. Every child lives his childhood in innocence without knowing anything. He is pure, but the purity is of ignorance. It cannot continue. Unless it becomes a purity of wisdom, you cannot rely on it. It will have to go, sooner or later you will have to eat the fruit of knowledge.

Each child will have to eat the fruit of knowledge. It was easy in the garden of Eden - just the tree was there. As a substitute for the tree we have schools, colleges and universities. Each child will have to pass, will have to become non-innocent, will have to lose his innocence. The very world needs knowledge, the very existence needs knowledge. You cannot exist in it without knowledge. And the moment knowledge comes, division enters. You begin to divide between what is good and what is bad.

So for Tantra the division into good and bad is impurity. Before it you are pure, after it you are pure; in it you are impure. But knowledge is a necessary evil, you cannot escape it. One has to go through it; that is part of life. But one need not remain in it always, one can transcend it. Transcendence makes you again pure and innocent. If divisions lost their meaning, if the knowledge which differentiates between good and evil were no more, you would again look at the world from an innocent attitude.

Jesus says, “Unless you become like children, you cannot enter into my kingdom of God.” Unless you become like children. this is the purity of Tantra.

Lao Tzu says, “One inch of division, and heaven and hell are set apart.” No-division is the mind of the sage - no division at all! A sage doesn’t know what is good or what is bad. He is like children but unlike them also, because he has known this division. He has passed through this division and transcended it; he has gone beyond it. He has known darkness and light, but now he has gone beyond it. Now he sees darkness as part of light and light as part of darkness, now there is no division. Light and darkness have both become one - degrees of one phenomenon. Now he sees everything as degrees of one; howsoever polar opposite they are, they are not two. Life and death, love and hate, good and bad, everything is part of one phenomenon, one energy. The difference is only of degrees, and they can never be divided. It cannot be demarked, that “From this point there is division.” There is no division.

What is good? What is bad? From where can you define them and demark them as separate? They are always one. They are only different degrees of the same thing. Once this is known and felt, your mind becomes again pure. This is the purity meant by Tantra. So I will define tantric purity as innocence, not as goodness.

But innocence can be ignorant - then it is of no use. It has to be lost, you have to be thrown out of it; otherwise you cannot mature. Giving up knowledge and transcendence of knowledge are both part of maturing, part of being really adult. So go through it, but do not remain there. Move! Go on moving! A day comes when you are beyond it.

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