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Chapter 8: Witnessing

And about spirituality Tao does not concern itself at all - if you ask Lao Tzu he will laugh. If you talk about spirituality he may slap your face, he may throw you out and say to you, “Go somewhere else. Don’t bring such stupid things to me.” Why? Because the moment you say spiritual you have divided life into the material and the spiritual - and he is for the total, the whole. The moment you say spiritual you have condemned something in the material, in the body, in the world. The very word spiritual carries a condemnation in it, a division.

You can see people who think they are spiritual; in their eyes you can see condemnation. Don’t go very near to them, they are poisonous; in their very breath there is danger and infection. Escape from them! Whenever you see a spiritual man coming towards you run as fast as you can, because he is ill. He is deeply neurotic, he is a schizophrenic, because he has divided life into two, and life is an undivided whole; it cannot be divided.

Life is not soul, life is not body, life is both. You are not body and soul, you are bodysoul. That “and” is dangerous, drop it. I have seen people who have dropped the “and” but still when they think of bodysoul they cannot make it one word, they place a small hyphen instead of the “and” between the two. Even that hyphen is dangerous, drop that also. Make bodysoul one word. It is one. Make mattermind one; make this world and that world one. Let your god be here, down in the matter, and let your matter rise high and enter into your god. Then how can you talk about spirituality?

In India this disease is very old, this disease of spirituality. People come to me, spiritual people. Not knowing me rightly, sometimes they come to me by fault. They talk about their spirituality and in the same breath they talk about others’ materialism. It is a cliché in India that the West is materialist and the East is spiritual. This is nonsense. This is just a very bigoted, schizophrenic mind. It arises out of the division between the body and soul - then everything will be divided, then your whole life will always carry a division. Even the body is divided into two: the higher body is something higher, and below the navel the lower body is really lower - lower as a valuation. Body and soul are divided, then the body is also divided: the lower part is somehow dirty, the higher part is holy, sacred. In fact where has your body a division inside it? Can you demarcate a place from where the body becomes lower? The blood circulates all over the body, the same blood. The whole body is one network, how can you divide it? And to people who divide, tell them, “Cut your lower body and live with the higher. Then we will see.” They will die immediately.

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