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Chapter 8: When You Are Ready.

There are deep problems involved in it. If you feel guilty you may go away from me, but just to balance the guilt you will go on talking against me. Otherwise, how you will balance the guilt? You will go on condemning me. That means you have gone and not yet gone. You are negatively with me, and that is more dangerous. If you have to be with me, be positively with me. Otherwise, simply forget me: “This man doesn’t exist.” Why go on condemning? - but if you feel guilty, you will have to balance it. If you feel guilty, guilt is heavy and you would like to condemn me. If you condemn then there is a balance, and then you will negatively remain with me. You will move with my shadow. That’s again wasting your time and your life, your energy.

So when I say I create situations on purpose. Whenever I feel a certain person is not ready, a certain person is not ripe, a certain person needs a little more ripening in the world, or a certain person is too intellectual and cannot fall into trust, needs a teacher and not a master, or a certain person has come to me not with any decisiveness on his part, but has just drifted as an accident.

You can drift. A friend is coming to see me, and by the way you also followed. Then you got caught and hooked and you never meant to be here; you were going somewhere else - accidentally. When I feel that you are here accidentally, I would like you to go away because this is not the right place for you. I would not like anybody to be distracted from his path. If you can meet me on your path, good. If the meeting is natural, it was going to happen, it was destined, you were getting ready and ready and ready and it was going to happen, then it is beautiful. Otherwise, I would not like to waste your time. Meanwhile, you could have learned many things.

Or, when I feel that somebody has come to me for some reason which is not the right reason. Many people come for wrong reasons. Somebody may have come just to feel a new ego arising in him, the ego that religion can give, the ego that sannyas can give. You can feel very special, extraordinary, through religion. If I feel that somebody has come for that, then that is not the right reason to be near with me, because the egos cannot be closer to me.

Somebody may have got attracted with my ideas - that too is a wrong reason. My ideas may be appealing to your intellect, but intellect is nothing. It remains a foreign element to your whole being. Unless you are attracted towards me, not what I say, you are here for wrong reasons. I am not a philosopher and I am not teaching any doctrine.

That’s why I have such freedom to be inconsistent, because if you are preaching a doctrine you cannot afford to be inconsistent. I am not preaching anything. I have no doctrine to force upon you. My talking to you is not an indoctrination. That’s why I am free, completely free to contradict myself. Whatsoever I have said yesterday, I can contradict tomorrow. Whatsoever I am saying today, I can contradict tomorrow. I am like a poet, and if you understand my song then you are here for the right reason. If you understand my rhythm, then you are here for the right reason. If you understand me, not what I say - my presence - then, only, is it good to be here.

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