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Chapter 7: Your Master Is Your Whole Universe

I was with a very strict enlightened teacher, Lee Lozowick, in America for six years. While in Boulder, Colorado, I fell in love with your sannyasins, and then you. Now, after one week in Pune, a nagging feeling has arisen in me: have I truly taken sannyas, and are you truly my master?

Prem Majjhama, the question asked by you.you will have to be prepared for a shock. I am going to analyze it point by point. You say, “I was with a very strict enlightened teacher, Lee Lozowick.” I know Lee Lozowick very well. Neither is he strict, nor enlightened. And you remained with him in America for six years. That shows that you are not even intelligent either. If you were really with a master, there was no need to come here. Your innermost being would have been fulfilled, contented, blessed. If you could fall in love with my sannyasins in Boulder, Colorado, Lee Lozowick is not even worthy enough to be compared with my people there.

If you have looked into your question deeply, unprejudicially, silently, then my answer will be very clear to you. In the first place, a teacher is never enlightened. A teacher has teachings; he has a whole system of beliefs. A master is not a teacher. A master is a fire you have to go through so that all that is not gold in you is burnt, and only the pure gold comes out. To be with a master is not an easy job. It is the most difficult journey one can go on.

You wasted your six years. Lee Lozowick himself was with Da Free John. He is not only a fraud, he also betrayed his own teacher. Da Free John is also not a master, but at least he is a teacher of a far higher quality than Lee Lozowick. It happens all the time. People see that so many people are attracted towards certain doctrines, certain personality characteristics, and they feel they can also manage, if not so many people, then a few at least. Lee Lozowick betrayed Da Free John because he does not even mention his name, or that he has been a disciple himself. And how did he become a master? His own teacher has not recognized his enlightenment.

But in America everything is possible. I have heard a wise man saying, “A fraud is someone who can tell you to go to hell so tactfully that you start packing for the trip.” That’s what Da Free John and his disciple Lee Lozowick are. And when I am saying these things, remember, I have no personal antagonism towards anybody. But I have simply to say the truth to you, even if it goes against all manners, etiquette, culture. I am not here to teach you manners, I have to hit directly into your heart with the truth, howsoever much it hurts.

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