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Chapter 2: So Far, So Good

People are foolish; that’s why techniques have to be talked about. If you understand, nothing is needed. Just being silent and just being yourself, not moving in any direction, not moving at all, and you will see the benediction, the meditation. When this meditation has become such a spontaneous flow that you need not even sit in a certain posture for it, that you need not find a small corner in the house where nobody disturbs you; when it is also there in the marketplace, talking, walking, doing, eating, it is there; when it is always there, even when you are asleep it is there - you go on feeling it, it goes on like breathing, or the beating of the heart - that’s what Kabir calls sahaj samadhi, spontaneous ecstasy. It needs no technique; it needs only spontaneity, it needs only naturalness, it needs only simplicity.

So I say to you, blessed are the ignorant, for theirs is the kingdom of God. Become innocent and become ignorant. Don’t remain knowledgeable.

But in the West it is happening. Now, they are trying to manipulate the mind, they are trying to create mechanisms to manipulate the mind. This is going to be far more dangerous than science. This is going to be far more dangerous, because once you know how to manipulate the mind of man you will reduce man also to automata: that’s what’s going to happen. Once you know that man and his mind can be manipulated, totally manipulated, then all freedom will be gone, all individuality will be gone.

Then electrodes can be put into your head without your ever knowing, and you can be manipulated from Delhi, from Moscow, from Washington.from the capital. You can be manipulated just by radio waves. The whole country can be ordered, and nobody will see the order coming from anywhere - it will come from within you. An electrode is there; just by radio waves you can be ordered and you will follow it automatically. All freedom will be gone. You can be hypnotized at any moment. You can be put into any hallucination and you will believe in it; it will be so real - and it will be coming from within you. Then from Delhi, from Moscow, from Washington, from London, from the capital places..

There is no need to keep police and no need to keep a magistrate: this is too costly and uneconomical. These are like bullock carts - no need. Better technology will be available; no need to keep all these people to enforce, no need even for the priest to go on teaching morality and religion. Just from the capital the orders can be given: that you are all happy - and you will all feel happy; that you are all contented - and you will all feel contented. You may be dying, starving, but you will feel contented. You may be on your deathbed, suffering, but if the order comes that you are happy and that there is no death, you will believe you are happy and that there is no death. And this will be coming from within you.

That’s what Delgado proposes to do someday, and he says, “Then man will be happy, nobody will be unhappy” - but this happiness will not be true happiness.

Then there are mechanisms by which alpha waves can be created in your mind, just by electrical stimulation. That is dangerous, because that will not allow you to know the reality. And those alpha waves will be created from the outside; they will not be true, they will not be real. And God will disappear, then there is no need for God. You are not unhappy, so why seek happiness? And you will believe in the dogma - whatsoever dogma happens to be there, followed by your politicians and your priests - you will believe in the dogma, you will absolutely believe in the dogma, and there will be no doubt. Skepticism will disappear. This is a dangerous step.

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