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Chapter 5: Is He Dead?

A satori happened.suddenly lightning.he became aware. The first time he missed. It is almost always so. The first time you will miss, because you don’t know what is happening. The first time, the old habits of the mind will not allow you to see; that’s why the second master, Sekiso, simply repeated the words of Dogo - simply repeated. He did not change even a single word. The very line is the same:

“I’m not saying,” he said, “and that’s final.”

He again created the same situation.

It was easy to fight with a Dogo, it is not easy to fight with Sekiso. He is not Zengen’s master. It was easy to hit Dogo, it will not be possible to hit Sekiso. It is enough that he answers. It is his compassion; he is not bound to answer.

An intimacy was there between Dogo and this disciple, and sometimes it happens when you are very intimate that you can miss - because you take things for granted. Sometimes a distance is needed; it depends on the person.

A few people can learn only when a distance is there, a few people can learn only when there is no distance - there are these two types of people. Those who can learn from a distance, they will miss a master; they will miss their own master, but he prepares them. Many of you are here who have worked in many lives with many other masters. You have missed them, but they have prepared you to reach me. Many of you will miss me, but I will have prepared you to reach somebody else. So nothing is lost, no effort is wasted.

Dogo created the situation, Sekiso fulfilled it.

At that very instant Zengen experienced an awakening.

What happened? Hearing again the same words.is there a certain conspiracy? Why the same words again? Suddenly he became aware: My question is absurd, I am asking something which cannot be answered. It is not the master who is denying the answer, it is my very question, the nature of it.

A silence is needed before death, before life, before love. If you love a person you sit silently with the person. You would not like to chatter, you would like to just hold their hand and live and be silent in that moment. If you chatter, that means you are avoiding the person - love is not really there. If you love life, chattering will drop, because every moment is so filled with life that there is no way, no space to chatter. Each moment life is flooding you so vitally - where is the time to gossip and chatter? Each moment you live totally, mind becomes silent. Eat, and eat so totally - because life is entering you through food - that mind becomes silent. Drink, and drink totally: life is entering through water, it will quench your thirst; move with it as it touches your thirst, as the thirst disappears. Be silent and watch. How can you chatter when you are drinking a cup of tea? Warm life is flowing within you. Be filled with it. Be respectful.