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Chapter 6: The Christian Propaganda Machine

But no religion wants people of such intelligence, because then they will see all the contradictions and all the superstitions and all the stupidities of your religion.

And why are they asking for seven-year-old children? - because after seven years of age it is possible to program the child easily. He becomes vulnerable. He is growing in his sexual life. He becomes open. You feed him, can fill him with any kind of nonsense and he will accept it. It will become his bones, it will become his blood, it will become his marrow, it will become his mind - and he will never grow beyond the age of seven.

They are ready to return the child by the age of twenty-one, because at that time.. Sexual energy comes to the highest peak when you are seventeen and a half; that is when you have the greatest power. After seventeen and a half you are on the decline, and by twenty-one you have become too ripe. Now to change you is very difficult. So they are ready to return the children by twenty-one; now nobody can change them, they have prepared them into good soldiers of Christ.

But the very word soldiers of Christ is so ugly. I teach you to be sannyasins - and not my sannyasins. It is your sannyas, it is your investigation into truth. To be a soldier needs your mind to be stopped at the age of seven.

Only retarded people can be soldiers - good soldiers. They won’t ask any questions, they will simply follow the orders. Every religion wants people who don’t ask awkward questions, embarrassing questions which they cannot answer.

I am here to answer all of your questions. You can find from any nook and corner of the world any question, and I am ready to answer, because I have no investment in you and I have no investment in any fold, any cult, any creed, any religion.

My only love is to share the truth, the beauty, the godliness that I have found. It is overflowing.

All I need is just a silent receptivity, a silent listening, and you will not be turned into soldiers of anybody. You will be an individual on your own feet - a sannyasin in your own right.

A little biographical note before I start the sutras:

Ungan was born in 782 and died in 841. He had entered Hyakujo’s monastery at the age of twelve. Later he left Hyakujo, going to Yakusan, through whom he realized his enlightenment.

Ungan’s older brother, Dogo, joined Ungan as a monk when he was forty-six. Having studied with the master Nehan - a disciple of Ma Tzu - Dogo went to Yakusan. He invited Ungan, his brother, to come and live at Yakusan’s monastery too.