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Chapter 22: Poverty Is a Power Game

“The other quality of God is that he knows everything. So whether the person is going to use birth control methods or not, he knows from eternity - before this person was even born. He knows that he will use birth control methods. It is not out of his knowledge.

“And if he wanted, he could have prevented the scientist who created the pill. It is such a small thing. Just before he was going to create it, his heart would have stopped - and there would have been no pill and no problem.

“If God has allowed the pill to happen, birth control methods to be manufactured, it is according to his will. You are talking against God, I am not talking against God.”

But the problem is poor illiterate, uneducated people. They cannot understand subtleties of arguments.

If they had listened to me, India would not have been poor now.

If they still listen to me, India can recover from poverty. Otherwise, by the end of this century, India’s population will be one billion. It will have gone beyond China. For the first time in the history it will be the biggest, the largest populated country in the world. Otherwise it has always been number two. China has been number one.

Poverty can be stopped, but not by service. How long Christians have been serving the poor? Two thousand years. And the poverty has been increasing. Strange kind of service, that you go on serving the poor and the poor go on increasing.

A true service will be that the poor decrease and disappear.

My suggestions are very simple.

Create one world. Nations are outdated.

Create one world government, because unless there is one world government the fear of war will always remain. And war goes on taking seventy-five percent income of every nation. Every nation is just surviving on twenty-five percent of its income.

Just think if hundred percent income is available to the country, it will change the whole face. Poverty need not be there.

One government, one world - then there is no need for nuclear weapons. Then there is no need for having big armies. It is sheer foolishness that millions of people are just sitting unproductively, doing nothing, just polishing their guns. Every morning doing the march: left turn, right turn, forward, backward. Polishing their boots.

And it is not one or two person. Millions of people around the world.

All these people should be working, producing.

And they are given the best food, best clothes. They are given the best hospitals, the best doctors, best surgeons, best medicine. They are to be kept in perfect health because any moment they may be needed for war.

So these useless people are getting the best and doing nothing.

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