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Chapter 4: Perceiving the Bull

You have to be here with me in reality, totally here with me. Then.then a new understanding arises. And that should become your way of life, the very style. Constantly be engaged in reality, participate in reality. Don’t be an onlooker, and don’t get too much interested in pictures; otherwise, by and by, you will lose the capacity to be aware of reality. But mind has old, deep habits, and it is going to be a constant struggle in the beginning. The mind is like a salesman.

I have heard an anecdote:

The salesman for a junior encyclopedia got his foot in the doorway and was trying to fast-talk the young mother of a five-year-old into taking a set of the books.

“These books will answer any question your child will ever ask,” he assured her. “You will never be at a loss for an answer with these.” He patted the boy on the head, “Go ahead, sonny. Ask me a question, any question, and I’ll show your mother how easy it is to answer by looking in one of these books.”

The little fellow thought a moment, and then asked, “What kind of car does God drive?”

Life is like that. And mind is like the salesman and the Encyclopedia Britannica. The mind goes on accumulating things, cataloging all the experiences - categorizing, classifying, filing, so that in future when the time comes they can be used. But life is so alive that it never asks the same question again. And if you are too much in your mind, then always whatsoever you answer is not to the point - it can never be. Life goes on changing every moment. It is like a small child asking, “What kind of car does God drive?”

You can manage to find some answer about this also - a Rolls Royce, or something else - but the child is not going to ask the same question again. Next moment he will be asking something else. The child’s curiosity is more than any encyclopedia. And life is so innovative that no book can answer real situations.

So try to be more alert rather than more knowledgeable. If you become too much knowledgeable, you will collect pictures, memories; you will go on taking notes; you will go on comparing your notes. You will come to a beautiful rose, and you will compare with some other roses that you have seen in the past; or you may compare with some other roses which you hope to see in the future - but you will never look at this rose. And only this rose is true! The roses that are accumulated in your memory are unreal, and the roses that you dream about are also unreal. Only this rose is real. Remember this, here now.

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