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Chapter 6: Taming the Bull

So the first thing for the seeker is to be aware that beliefs are barriers. If you come to me as a Christian, you cannot come to me. If you come to me as a Hindu, you appear only to have come to me - but you cannot come, because between me and you, your Hinduism, your Jainism, is creating a distance. And what you believe makes no difference to me. All beliefs - unconditionally, all beliefs - are barriers.

It happened in a capital: The party picket lines were pacing in front of the courthouse where some comrades were being indicted. A policeman, trying to keep order, shoved an onlooker.

“Don’t shove me!” the onlooker complained. “I’m anti-Communist.”

The cop glared at him. “You just keep moving,” he ordered. “I don’t care what kind of communist you are!”

It makes no difference: the communist is a communist; the anti-Communist is also a communist - because it makes no difference whether you believe in Marx, or Moses, or Manu, or Mahavira. It makes no difference. You believe; whether in Srimad Bhagavadgita, or Das Kapital, or the holy Koran, it makes no difference - because the believer’s mind is the wrong mind.

Drop the belief so that you can come to encounter your doubt. Facing doubt, encountering doubt, trust arises. If you allow the doubt to be there, and you don’t hide somewhere else, if you face it in its nakedness - the very encounter and immediately you will have something new arising in you, and that is trust. Trust arises facing doubt, not escaping from it; belief is an escape. And belief is a false coin, a false substitute for trust; it looks like trust, it is not trust. In belief, the doubt continues underneath as an undercurrent.

In trust there is no doubt. Trust has never known doubt, trust has never encountered doubt. It is just as light has never encountered darkness: the moment light comes, the darkness disperses, disappears. But if you only believe in light, that is not going to help. You live in darkness and you go on believing in light - but you live in darkness! And your belief in light is not a help, it is a hindrance - because if you had no belief in light, you would have searched for light. Believing in light, you think it is going to happen. It is there. Some day or other, by the grace of God, it is going to happen. You go on living in darkness, so belief is a trick of the darkness to protect itself. Belief is a trick of the untrue to protect itself. Be on guard.

To believe is as if you have taken the symptoms to be the real disease. You go to a physician; he diagnoses your illness. He looks for symptoms, but symptoms are not diseases. Symptoms are only indicative that something is wrong somewhere deep inside. Doubt is an indication, just as when your fever goes high - a hundred and two, a hundred and three degrees - but the fever itself is not the disease.

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