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Chapter 9: The Master Gave Me Eyes

Perhaps you have been told again and again: stop doubting, trust more. I don’t say this to you. I tell you that doubt is also beautiful, just give it the right direction. Doubt the transitory. Make use of doubt, it is a very precious alchemy. Whatever God has given to you is meaningful. Doubt also is meaningful, denial also has a purpose; to say no has its own value.

But deny only that which is worth denying. I don’t tell you that you should eliminate doubt because then you will become crippled. You will be removing half of your soul. Then you will only have one wing and you will not be able to fly. You cannot go anywhere with only one wing. So I tell you to use doubt and to also use trust. They are your two legs, yes - but use them in the right direction. It is only a difference of direction, only the arrangement has to be changed. Even a slight change will make a great difference.

Sahajo’s sutras are also saying this:

Sahajo says: In a dream, in one moment
Fifty years can pass.
When the eyes open it is all illusion;
Such is living in the body.

This is the right use of doubt. You need to doubt, not to worship any God. You will not be able to find a better object for doubt than the world which is surrounding you. First doubt that.

.In a dream, in one moment
Fifty years can pass.

Have you ever noticed? - you doze off for a moment while you are working in the office, or you are reading a newspaper in the morning and your eyes close for a moment and you doze off, but before you fall asleep you see the clock on the wall. When you wake up from your nap you see that hardly a minute has passed, but in this moment’s nap you had a long dream. You had such a long dream that if it had happened in reality it would have taken fifty years. In the dream you were small.and you became old.you got married and then there were children and music was playing and their marriage ceremony.and you wake up with the sound of the music. You see that only a moment has passed by on the clock. You had such a long dream in such a small moment.

Scientists also agree that time is relative and that your experience of time changes every day. When you are happy then time passes quickly. When you are sad, time passes very slowly. When you are happy you are not aware that hours have passed - it seems like moments. When you are unhappy, when life is a burden and you are sad, moments are like hours. Time does not pass at all.the night seems to be endless.

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