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Chapter 7: Aes Dhammo Sanantano

The pulse can be stopped very easily, you can learn the trick - the trick is so easy. You do only one thing: count your pulse. Then, every day early in the morning when you get up, fresh - don’t do anything else - sit on your bed and count your pulse. For five minutes focus your mind on the pulse and go on repeating inside, “It is slowing down, slowing down, slowing down.” and you will be surprised: within a week you will have learned the art of slowing it down. You can bring it lower and lower as your practice grows. Within three months you will be able to stop it for a few moments, and if you practice for years you can stop it for a few minutes. The same is true about the heartbeat and about breathing.

In front of scientists Brahma Yogi proved that he was capable of stopping the breath. Now, Lazarus may have been just pretending that he was dead. Suspicions can never be put aside; if you doubt, you will doubt everything. And I don’t say that there is something wrong in doubting - the only thing is that you have not fallen in love with Jesus; the master-disciple relationship has not happened. Hence the questions, hence the desire for proofs. But your doubting mind will create new questions, will ask for new proofs. And it is an infinite regression.

I know of a Bengali saint, Bengali Baba, who once stopped a train at Calcutta station. He created much news all over Bengal and became famous because of that; otherwise nobody had heard about him. He entered a first-class compartment. The ticket collector came, he asked for the ticket, and Bengali Baba said, “I am a fakir, a saint, and saints don’t need any tickets. You get lost!”

Of course the conductor became very angry. He said, “You have to produce the ticket; otherwise I will throw you out!”

Bengali Baba said, “You can throw me out, but remember, without me this train cannot move even a single inch!”

Now it was a great challenge! He was thrown out; the police were called and he was taken out. He stood there on the platform, closed his eyes, went into deep samadhi, and the miracle happened! The driver tried hard, the guard was waving his flag - but nothing happened. And the guard was puzzled because there was nothing wrong with the engine. Everything was working perfectly, but the train would not move a single inch.

A great crowd gathered, all the passengers gathered. Even the station master came and touched the feet of Bengali Baba and said, “Please, let the train go!”

Bengali Baba said, “It cannot happen this way. Bring that man who threw me out. He has to touch my feet, apologize, and promise never to ask a fakir for a ticket!”

The conductor was very unwilling, but the whole crowd pressed him, forced him, virtually dragged him: “We have other work to do and the train is getting late - somebody has to attend the courts, somebody has to go somewhere else - and just because of your foolish ego! What is wrong with asking forgiveness? And you have seen the power of the man!”

Finally, he touched his feet, asked the Baba to enter the train, and promised never to ask any fakir for a ticket. And the moment the Baba entered the train, the train moved.

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