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Chapter 8: The Fear of Happiness

Recognition is of the mind; the realization is not of the mind. In the deep moment of realization, the mind stops. The phenomenon is such, and so unknown, that the mind cannot function, cannot cope with it. When it has gone, then the mind comes back. Then it starts looking and watching and thinking and brooding and then suddenly a recognition arises: “So it has happened?”

“So it has happened?” The mind cannot believe in it because the mind is a doubter. But it has to believe it. Believe it or not, it has happened.

Recognition will follow realization. You will know when it has happened, but you will not know beforehand, and there is no need. And if you know beforehand, your knowledge will become the barrier. So please don’t be concerned about it.

The second question:

How can I serve you?

Just be yourself. There is no other service to me.

Just be yourself; that’s how you can serve me. That is how you have already served me - if you are yourself. My whole effort is to help you to be yourself.

If you are centered, rooted, grounded; if you have come to a point where you are not worried about becoming somebody else, where the ambition to become somebody else has dropped - when there is no desire to move into the future, when the present is enough unto itself, when you are deeply contented as you are, when you can thank God, when you can be grateful and there arises no complaint; when simply your whole heart is simply full with gratitude - you have served me. There is no other way.

Of course it would have been easier if I had given you some other ways to serve me, because those things you can do. You can come and massage my feet. That won’t help; that is of not much use. That is not going to lead you anywhere. You may feel happy, but that happiness is not bliss.

My whole effort is: fall back on yourself. Don’t move and don’t be motivated by the future. If this moment becomes your total reality, you have come close to me, the closest that one can come to another. By being yourself, you will be near me; by trying to be something else, you will go far away.

Don’t be imitators. The mind is an imitator - because it is very easy to play the game of imitation rather than to become authentically true. And many ideas have been given to you: become like a Buddha, become like Jesus, become like Krishna - as if you have to become everybody else except yourself, as if God is only against you. He’s for Krishna, for Christ, for Mahavira, for Buddha - only against you. Then why does he create you? Then he seems simply foolish. Why does he go on creating you? If he is interested in Buddha, he can create buddhas. Why you?

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