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Chapter 10: It’s a Special Transmission

And the mind lives on these doubts. The mind says, “Who knows? This man may be deceiving. Maybe he is not deceiving, but he himself may be deceived. He may be hallucinating about ecstasy, samadhi - dreaming, believing. Maybe he has auto-hypnotized himself or maybe he is just a fraud deceiving others, exploiting their gullibility.” The mind will create all these questions, thousand of questions. In mind questions arise like leaves grow on trees; the mind goes on growing many and many questions every moment. No answer is of any help; out of every answer the mind will create many more questions.

It is natural to feel doubt. If there is no doubt, then there is no growth either. The more you feel full of doubts and still you go on the journey, that makes the difference. The stupid person, the imbecile, the idiot may not feel any doubts, he may simply believe, but he is not going on any adventure; he cannot understand what adventure is. He is just accidental, he is at the mercy of the winds. But the intelligent person is bound to feel doubts. In spite of the doubts one has to go; that’s how life is. Aes dhammo sanantano - this is the law of life. In spite of all the doubts one has to go.

Do you think the people who were trying to reach to the Everest were not full of doubts? For a hundred years, how many people tried and how many people have lost their lives? Do you know how many people never came back? Not even their dead bodies came back; they got lost, lost forever. But, still, a few courageous people went on and on.

This fact has to be noted down: that no Indian ever tried. This country has lost the spirit of accepting challenges. That’s why this country has lived in slavery for two thousand years, and still it is not much of a freedom because freedom cannot be only political; basically it has to be spiritual. And this country is not spiritually free.

But people went on coming from all over the world, risking, knowing that they may not come back ever, they may be lost. But it is worth it - because in the very risk something is born inside you: the center. It is born only in the risk. That’s the beauty of risk, the gift of risk.

The people who were going to the moon, do you think they were certain they will reach? Do you think they were certain they will be ever back again with their families, with their children, with their wives, with their parents? Nothing was certain. In fact, more possibility was that something would go wrong.

One of the most famous sayings of Murphy is:

If anything can go wrong, then it is going to go wrong.

And there were millions of things which could have gone wrong because it was the first effort to reach to the moon. Just few seconds’ difference and they will miss the moon; they may be lost forever in the space. We may not even know whether they are alive or dead.

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