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Chapter 24: No Heaven, No Hell, No Doubt

If you do not love, then all these things can go on living in you; you are nursing them. As the great miracle of love happens, all the energies rush towards love, just as all the rivers rush towards the ocean. Doubt remains empty, and without energy it is dead. It was your energy that was keeping it alive.

Shame and fear and self-condemnation, they all need energy from you, your support. On the surface you think you want to get rid of them, but deep down you are supporting them; otherwise, they cannot exist. They are parasites.

Love takes up your whole energy - nothing is left for anything else. It is total and intense; that’s why, except for love, everything disappears. It is a very simple phenomenon in a way, just you have to understand that love has a magnetic force which neither doubt nor shame nor fear nor self-condemnation have.

Love is your very being, and all these things have come from the outside. Doubts have been created by people who are giving you beliefs. If you don’t have any belief, you don’t have any doubt. Have you ever thought about it?

In a small school a teacher is telling the small boys and girls what qualifications are needed to enter into the kingdom of God. She explained in every possible way so that they could understand, that unless you drop sin you cannot enter into the kingdom of God. And afterwards she asked, “Now can you tell me, what is needed to enter into the kingdom of God?”

One small boy raised his hand. It was rare, because he never used to take the initiative to answer; this was the first time. The teacher was very happy; she said, “Yes, what is needed to enter into the kingdom of God?” The boy said, “First you have to commit sin.” The teacher said, “You have to commit sin? For a whole hour I have been trying to teach you that you have to drop sin, and you are saying that you have to commit sin.”

The boy said, “But unless I commit sin, how can I drop it? And without dropping sin, nobody enters the kingdom of paradise. So the first thing is, commit sin; then drop it and enter into the kingdom of God.”

Doubt arises because you have been forced to believe. If you are not given any belief system, you will not have any doubt. For example, a Christian, a Mohammedan, a Hindu - all have doubts about God, because they have been conditioned that God exists. But they have no evidence, no proof, no argument, no eye-witness, and they themselves don’t feel anything about God. The belief is creating a doubt in them. But there are religions like Buddhism, Taoism, Jainism, where God is not a belief; it is not part of their religions.

I have never come across a Jaina or a Buddhist who doubts the existence of God. How can you doubt if you don’t believe? It looks strange, but it is not. Belief is an effort to repress your doubt. So underneath every belief there is doubt. But if there is no belief system, there is no place for doubt to exist.

In countries like the Soviet Union or China, where there is no heaven, no hell, nobody doubts.

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