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Chapter 4: To Become Free in an Unfree Society

It happened that, in America, there was a man who was very, very efficient in reading other people’s thoughts - a mind reader. He was always one hundred percent right. He would sit before you; you would close your eyes and start thinking, and he would close his eyes and start talking about what you were thinking. Immediately that you would think, the thought would be transferred and he would receive it. This is an art. Many people know about it. It can be learned, you can do it, because thought is a subtle vibration. If you are receptive the other mind becomes a broadcasting station, you become the receiver. Thought is a broadcast, because ripples arise in the electricity around the man. If you are silent enough, receptive, you will catch them.

When Meher Baba was in America, somebody brought a man to Meher Baba. The man had lived for many years in silence. The man sat before Meher Baba, closed his eyes and meditated and meditated and meditated. Again he would open his eyes and look at Meher Baba. It took too long; people became worried. They said, “You never took such a long time.” The man said, “Well, what to do? This man is not thinking at all. There is no thought.”

If Freud or Jung were near Buddha, or if they had come to me, they would not have found any dream to interpret, they would not have found any thought to catch.

The East says, “Dreaming itself is pathology.” It is a sort of illness; it is a disturbance. When you are really silent, thinking disappears in the day and dreaming disappears at night. Thinking and dreaming are two aspects of the same thing: during the day while you are awake it is thinking, and at night while you are asleep it is dreaming. Dreaming is a primitive way of thinking; thinking in pictures just as children think. That’s why, in children’s books, we have to make many colored pictures. Children cannot move with words very much. By and by, they will move. You have to draw a big mango, and write in small letters “mango.” First they will see the picture, and then they will become associated with the word. By and by, the picture will become smaller and smaller and disappear. Then the word mango will do.

Primitive mind thinks in pictures just like children do. When you are asleep, you are a primitive. The whole civilization disappears, culture disappears, society disappears. You are no longer part of the contemporary world, you are a primitive in the cave. Because the unconscious mind has remained uncultivated, you start thinking in pictures.

Dreaming and thinking are both the same. When dreaming stops, thinking stops; when thinking stops, dreaming stops. The whole effort in the East has been how to drop the whole thing. We are not worried about how to adjust it or how to interpret it, but how to drop it. And if it can be dropped, then why bother about the interpretation? Why waste time?

Sooner or later the West is going to realize this, because now meditative techniques are penetrating into the West. Meditations are the way of dropping dreaming, thinking, the whole complex of the mind. And once they are dropped, you attain to a well being which is not of the mind. You attain to something that is not even conceivable right now in your state of mind. You cannot even imagine it - what it will be like when you don’t think, when you don’t dream, when you will just be.

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