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Chapter 27: Go On, Go On!

But if the master is there and he says, “There is nothing to be afraid of. This is one of the most restful, most nourishing life-giving forces. You should go without any fear. It is your home.”

And if you can go without any fear, soon suddenly you see on the horizon the sun rising - and not just one sun. According to the mystics of all the ages, it is as if thousands of suns are rising all over the horizon; the light is so much one cannot believe that one was carrying so much light within oneself under these dark layers.

So when the dreams stop, it is not that the repression is working, that only a little steam is allowed to go off. No. You are moving into a third stage which is more necessary - the second is only a passage. But we are so much full of rubbish that six hours are wasted in the second stage just on the bridge, moving here and there, not landing on the other side.

And even when we land we remain there only for two hours, and that, too, not in one block - just a few minutes here, a few minutes there, and again we are back on the bridge shuttling between dreams.

As your meditation grows deeper, the second space disappears because dreaming stops. As your thinking stops in meditation, in sleep your dreaming stops.

Dreaming is like thinking; the difference is that thinking is linguistic and dreaming is pictorial. Dreaming is like Chinese, Japanese, the ancient languages; and thinking is like more contemporary languages. But both are the same.

Once you are able, by watching, to stop thinking, you will be able to stop dreaming; then the second stage disappears. From the first stage you enter into the third directly.

And because thinking and dreaming have stopped, your third stage will not last long either, because your first stage is becoming closer and closer to the fourth, it is becoming thoughtless awareness.

So finally, the second disappears first, then the third disappears, and then the first changes its character totally and becomes one with the fourth. And only the one stage remains, the fourth.

In the East we have called it turiya. Turiya simply means “the fourth.” It is a number; it is not a name. We have given names for the other three. First is jagruti, “so-called awakening.” Second is sopan, “dream.” Third is sushupti, dreamless sleep.” But for the fourth the East has not given any name, it is a nameless reality because you can never get rid of it.

All those three were not part of your nature, they were imposed layers; but the fourth you bring with your birth, and when you die you take the fourth with you. The fourth is you. Those three were three rings of experiences surrounding you - the fourth is the center.

It is a different way of saying the same thing that reaching the fourth you become enlightened, you become the awakened one.

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